Tableau Online Updates

With Tableau Online, you're always on the latest, most-advanced version of Tableau. We take care of all the updates, monitoring, and infrastructure maintenance so you don't have to. But, it's still important to keep informed about what’s happening. This page will help you plan for any occurrence that may affect your Tableau Online site. Below you'll find informational resources to make you aware of any upcoming events.

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If you would like more information about Tableau Online, start here to learn about self-service analytics in the cloud. Read more at Tableau Online Overview and Tableau Online Manual.

What's New?

New and improved functionalities are released regularly. See What's New in Tableau Online for details. After each upgrade, check out the New Features page for more info on all the new functionality. What's newer than new? Features that are Coming Soon.

Tableau Online Status

Visit the Tableau Trust site to learn more about the current status of your Tableau Online environment and upcoming scheduled maintenances.

Tableau Bridge

Tableau Bridge is a stand alone client. For more information about Tableau Bridge, see:

  • Tableau Bridge
  • Tableau Bridge Release Notes and Installer
  • View Recommendations

    Powered by machine learning, view recommendations are personalized suggestions that quickly connect you to relevant data and content on your site. Your recommendations are created by matching preferences between users, surfacing content that others like you have found useful, including what's most popular and recent.

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    Do more in the browser

    With Tableau Online 2019.4, you can create extracts, edit tooltips, change map background and styles, and create tables with up to 50 columns directly from the browser.

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    Ask Data improvements

    In 2019.4, admins will now have the flexibility to enable or disable Ask Data as the default site setting, helping ensure users are only using Ask Data on a subset of curated data sources. We’ve also integrated categorized suggestions to help users understand the various types of analytical questions that can be asked. Additionally, calculating year-over-year metrics has never been easier. Simply type “YoY profit growth” to quickly answer critical questions of your data.

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    Known Issues & Release Notes

    Unusual behavior or issues with Tableau Online may be caused by a known issue with the product or a third party change in data delivery. These known issues are listed on the Tableau Support Known Issues site.

    When an issue is corrected, it will appear in the Release Notes for Tableau Online.

    Many known issues and their possible workarounds are documented in the Tableau Support Knowledge Base, which also contains resolutions for common problems and suggestions for how to use Tableau Online.

    Other Resources

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  • Get Help

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  • The best place to get answers from fellow admins: Tableau Online Community Space
  • Technical Support
  • Open a support case. For the fastest possible support, please include the following information: