Tableau Cloud Updates

With Tableau Cloud, you're always on the latest, most-advanced version of Tableau. We take care of all the updates, monitoring, and infrastructure maintenance so you don't have to. But, it's still important to keep informed about what’s happening. This page will help you plan for any occurrence that may affect your Tableau Cloud site. Below you'll find informational resources to make you aware of any upcoming events.

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If you would like more information about Tableau Cloud, start here to learn about self-service analytics in the cloud. Read more at Tableau Cloud Overview and Tableau Cloud Manual.


What's New?

New and improved functionalities are released regularly. See What's New in Tableau Cloud for details. After each upgrade, check out the New Features page for more info on all the new functionality. What's newer than new? Features that are Coming Soon.


Tableau Cloud Status

Visit the Tableau Trust site to learn more about the current status of your Tableau Cloud environment and upcoming scheduled maintenances.


Tableau Bridge

Tableau Bridge is a stand alone client. For more information about Tableau Bridge, see:


New in Tableau Cloud 2023.2

Notice for Tableau Cloud subscribers (previously Tableau Online) 

We roll out Tableau Cloud updates across our worldwide infrastructure for every quarterly product release over several weeks. We begin with official Cloud infrastructure upgrades and then continue to release our on-premises products (e.g., Desktop, Server) to ensure that Tableau Cloud subscribers have immediate access to our new releases.

So if you subscribe to Tableau Cloud, you may already have access to these new features on your site! To learn more about the Tableau Cloud quarterly releases, please visit the Tableau Cloud System Maintenance page

Personal access token admin control

Meet your organizational security requirements with additional control over personal access tokens (PATs) in Tableau Cloud.

Changes for all Tableau Cloud sites include:

  • Site admins can now control who has the ability create PATs
  • Site admins can now control how long PATs are valid, ranging from 1 to 365 days

Changes for Tableau Cloud sites created after 23.2 include:

  • PATs are disabled by default
  • Default expiry of PATs shortened to 180 days

Multi-row calculations in Tableau Prep

With multi-row calculations in Tableau Prep you can compute table calculations while preparing your data. Using clicks, not code or complex calculations, it is easier than ever to calculate difference from, percent difference from, and moving calculations. You can also now write LOOKUP calculations in the expression editor of Tableau Prep.

Editable viz alt text

You can now edit automatically generated alt text. This feature allows content authors to edit the alt text from either the Data Guide panel or by selecting Accessibility in the Worksheet drop down. Authors can add up to 2500 characters of alt text, providing deep insight into the contents of the visualization.

Admin Insights enhancements

Enhancements include:

  • The Job Performance data source now includes Tableau Bridge extract refresh job data. This enables you to better track your Tableau Bridge extract jobs and includes data on your agents, pools, run times, and error messages.
  • The TS Users data source now tracks your organization's Tableau Desktop usage.
  • The brand new Subscriptions data source lets you see which users have subscriptions and allows you to create a complete picture of subscription health in your deployment when combined with other Admin Insights data sources.

Known Issues & Release Notes

Unusual behavior or issues with Tableau Cloud may be caused by a known issue with the product or a third party change in data delivery. These known issues are listed on the Salesforce Known Issues site.

Many known issues and their possible workarounds are documented in the Tableau Support Knowledge Base, which also contains resolutions for common problems and suggestions for how to use Tableau Cloud.