Tableau Online Updates

With Tableau Online, you're always on the latest, most-advanced version of Tableau. We take care of all the updates, monitoring, and infrastructure maintenance so you don't have to. But, it's still important to keep informed about what’s happening. This page will help you plan for any occurrence that may affect your Tableau Online site. Below you'll find informational resources to make you aware of any upcoming events.

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If you would like more information about Tableau Online, start here to learn about self-service analytics in the cloud. Read more at Tableau Online Overview and Tableau Online Manual.


What's New?

New and improved functionalities are released regularly. See What's New in Tableau Online for details. After each upgrade, check out the New Features page for more info on all the new functionality. What's newer than new? Features that are Coming Soon.


Tableau Online Status

Visit the Tableau Trust site to learn more about the current status of your Tableau Online environment and upcoming scheduled maintenances.


Tableau Bridge

Tableau Bridge is a stand alone client. For more information about Tableau Bridge, see:


New in Tableau Online 2021.1


Einstein Discovery in Tableau

Einstein Discovery in Tableau brings trusted, real-time predictions and recommendations from Einstein Discovery directly into Tableau dashboards, enabling smarter, guided decisions for every team.
  • Einstein Dashboard Extension: The new extension provides you with real-time, on-demand, and interpretable machine learning predictions from Einstein Discovery in Tableau dashboards. Click on one or more rows of data in Tableau visualizations, get dynamic predictions, see key drivers of predictions, and improve predictions based on the model.
  • Einstein Calculation: With predictions in Calc, users can drive Tableau analytics with dynamic predictive intelligence and directly connect Einstein predictions into Tableau's calculated fields.You can construct, share, and scale interactive visualizations and dashboards incorporating dynamic predictions using their existing Tableau infrastructure, as well as test new scenarios using Tableau parameters.
  • Bulk scoring in Prep Builder: Enrich your datasets with powerful analytics from machine learning and AI models. Connect to Einstein Discovery and integrate predictions and score data in bulk, including writing in key drivers of predictions.

Unified notification experience

The newly redesigned notification center will be your dedicated space within Tableau Server and Tableau Online that shows shares, comments, extracts, and prep flows all in one place, consolidating all of the important changes across your organization. The new design makes it easy to act on, manage, and engage with all of your notification info.

Quick LODs

Create Level of Detail expressions more easily within your workflow. Use context menus or drag and drop a measure onto a dimension, and Tableau will automatically create a LOD expression with the default aggregation.

New Tableau Online Region in the UK

We’re excited to announce that we’ve launched a new Tableau Online region in London, United Kingdom. Launched in January 2021, the UK region is the second Tableau Online region in Europe and the latest addition in our larger effort to support our customers with more data centers as global demand grows. More regional availability across the globe delivers enhanced Tableau Online performance (improved data latency), cost and scalability benefits of the cloud, and more data residency options.

Device designer for Tableau Online

Easily design dashboards for all your devices using the new device designer for Tableau Online. Make your dashboards look like they were built for every device. Add, edit, and customize your dashboards' layouts to create a design optimized for the best viewing experience on a phone, tableau, or desktop.

Web authoring improvements

New web authoring features include the ability to drag-and-drop headers and format filters, parameters, and legends in the web browser.

Snowflake spatial support

We're expanding Tableau's spatial database connections to make solving location-based questions more straightforward than ever. You can now connect directly to Snowflake tables that contain spatial data and instantly visualize that data in Tableau.

KMZ spatial file support

We’re making spatial analysis with KML files easier within your workflow. In addition to KML files, you can now connect directly to KMZ files, the corresponding compressed file type.

Known Issues & Release Notes

Unusual behavior or issues with Tableau Online may be caused by a known issue with the product or a third party change in data delivery. These known issues are listed on the Tableau Support Known Issues site.

When an issue is corrected, it will appear in the Release Notes for Tableau Online.

Many known issues and their possible workarounds are documented in the Tableau Support Knowledge Base, which also contains resolutions for common problems and suggestions for how to use Tableau Online.