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Get to know Tableau Ambassadors and Tableau Visionaries, the exceptional builders and leaders of the community.

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Leadership comes from a commitment to better the community

Tableau Ambassadors and Tableau Visionaries are community leaders who embody the best of the community. They share knowledge with others, create first-class vizzes, build thriving Data Cultures, answer questions, and nurture powerful connections, shaping the future of analytics. With every interaction, they make the community a better, more inclusive place.

Before becoming the champions we know and admire, each community leader began their journey with a desire to move the community forward and we have continued to be inspired by them ever since. Connect with them and experience their passion, commitment, and expertise—or start your journey by learning what it means to be a community leader.

Get to know our extraordinary community leaders

Tableau Ambassadors

Tableau Ambassadors are community leaders and champions, welcoming and supporting members across six, global programs. Amplifying the power of connection, they collaborate, contribute, and engage with people to make the community a better place.

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Tableau Visionaries

Tableau Visionaries demonstrate that they’re teachers, collaborators, and masters of Tableau. Some of the smartest people we know, these elite data experts share their vast knowledge with the community—and Tableau, helping to improve the platform.

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Apply or nominate others who inspire you

The nomination and application period for Tableau Ambassador and Tableau Visionary programs are opened annually. By nominating a fellow community member, you're not only recognizing your data heroes, but you're also giving input on who you want to lead the community for the upcoming year.

During the nomination period, we invite you to highlight the people who inspire and instruct you—those with exceptional dedication to exploring Tableau and improving it. They are the “humble-smart” leaders who make the community so remarkable.

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The Tableau community is transformative for people’s careers and their lives—including my own. There is an incredible generosity among community members and this continues to grow as people pay it forward and introduce their colleagues, classmates and peers to visual analytics and Tableau. This community of enthusiastic data people is one worth emulating.

Other ways to connect with the Tableau Community

Tableau Equity Task Force

Bringing together a diverse and influential set of community members, the Tableau Community Equity Task Force focuses on addressing equality, equity, and race issues within the Tableau Community.

Tableau Public

Here you’ll find millions of inspiring visualizations, making data part of everyday life and supporting a community that grows and learns with each other.

Community Blog

Discover the latest work from the Tableau Community by reading about engaging projects, upcoming events, fun programs, inspiring visualizations, and more.