Tableau Developer Tools

Tableau's developer tools and APIs allow you to integrate, customize, automate, and extend Tableau to fit the specific needs of your organization. Go beyond what's in the box to make Tableau the perfect fit for your organization.



Create dashboard extensions so end users can interact directly with data in third-party applications, without leaving Tableau. Capabilities like write-back, custom actions, deep integration with other apps, and custom UI are all at your fingertips.

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Data connectivity

Create connectors to data sources that are not currently supported by Tableau, including websites and custom applications. With the Web Data Connector, ODBC driver, and more, get the data your organization needs.


Programmatically eliminate tedious content management tasks—allowing you to more effectively maintain and update workbooks, data sources, and users on Tableau Server.

Data science integration

Give more people the ability to use statistical models. Integrate and visualize the data from your R, Python, and Matlab models in Tableau.

Embedded analytics

Make your Tableau content available anywhere. It's easy to embed your vizzes into other business applications like Salesforce and Microsoft SharePoint, so more of your people use data to make decisions.

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