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As Tableau Cloud helps customers embark on their cloud transformation journey, many organizations still rely on on-premises data. While accessing and blending on-premises data with data housed in the cloud might seem like a big challenge, this is where Tableau Bridge shines.

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Tableau Bridge capabilities

Securely access your data—wherever it’s stored

Installed behind your organization's firewall, Tableau Bridge provides flexibility by accessing your on-premises data through an established and secure outbound connection from on-prem data to Tableau Cloud. Bridge empowers you to discover business insights regardless of where your data lives.

How to set up Tableau Bridge

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Data connections that scale as you grow

Tableau Bridge scales to meet the needs of global enterprise organizations by keeping your data sources up to date. Bridge securely handles both scheduled extract refreshes and live queries in the same network as your on-premises data. Tableau Bridge queries your local data as requests arrive and sends the private results back to Tableau Cloud.

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Security you can rely on

Tableau Bridge keeps your data secure while communicating with Tableau Cloud. No firewall exceptions are necessary. Tableau Bridge communicates with your Tableau Cloud site through an encrypted TLS connection, so your data is always protected, even in transit.

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