Do Not Sell My Personal Information

Learn about our commitment to privacy protection

Tableau deeply values transparency and wanted to take this opportunity to address the requirements of the California Consumer Privacy Act (“CCPA”), which requires businesses to disclose sales of personal information.

Tableau uses cookies and similar technologies on our website, which gather personal information. And, like most companies with an online presence, we share some of that information with our cookie vendors to make sure we deliver the best information to you. That sharing may be considered a “sale” under the CCPA, which defines “selling” and “sale” broadly. If you want to opt out of advertising cookies, or other cookies that are not necessary for the performance of the website, you may do so by accessing our Cookie Preferences tool and adjusting your preferences for that web domain. We do not sell the data that you analyze in Tableau’s tools and services with third parties. Please see our Privacy Statement for details about how Tableau handles personal information.

Which Personal Information Sharing May Constitute a “Sale” under CCPA?

Under the CCPA, some transfers of personal information are considered “sales” even if no money changes hands and no payments are made. That may include use of cookies, so Tableau has published this notice to provide additional information to its website visitors.

Tableau uses cookies and similar technologies that allow third parties to collect certain personal information, such as device identifiers and page view information about visitors to Tableau’s websites. These third parties use this information for several purposes, including to track activity across websites, to infer information about visitors, and to provide visitors with personalized content. Our Privacy Statement describes in more detail the types of personal information cookies collect.

Right to Opt Out

You can opt out of this type of information sharing at any time by disabling advertising cookies in your cookie preferences. All you have to do is click this link and adjust the toggles to match your preferences.

Please note that your cookie preferences are domain- and browser-specific. This means that if you visit other Tableau domains, or replace or upgrade your browser, use another browser (or device), clear your browser’s cookies, or set your browser to refuse third-party cookies, you may need to revisit your Cookie Preferences to opt-out again from that domain or browser.

Please keep in mind that we may continue to share your personal information if the transfers are not considered “sales” under the CCPA, for example when we send information to our service providers or if you direct us to disclose it (for example, by opting in to have your information shared with event sponsors, or by having your badge scanned at an event).

For more information on cookies and our privacy practices, please visit our Privacy Statement. If you have questions about our sharing practices you can email us at or call us at 1-844-823-2427.