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What's new?

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Tableau 10.1 expands upon the great new capabilities and features in Tableau 10.0 to help you take your data analysis to the next level. Start here to learn more.

Interface Changes

Feature What happened? Where is it? How do I access it?
Connect Directly to JSON Data New Connect Menu Connect > To a File > JSON file
Connect to Marketo Data New Connect Menu Connect > To a Server > More... > Marketo
Cube Search for SAP BW New SAP BW Connection Menu Connect > To a Server > More… > SAP BW > Search Box
Drill-up on Continuous Date Fields New Date Axis on Viz Date Axis > -/+ Buttons
Geocode Airports New Menu Items Data Pane > Data Type Icon (next to field) > Geographic Role > Airport
Parameters in Initial SQL for AWS EMR, MapR, Hive, SAP HANA, Spark, HP Vertica, and more. New Initial SQL Connect > [supported data source] > (following authentication) Initial SQL
Wildcard Union New Data Source Connection Page Data Source Connection Page > New Union > Wildcard (automatic)

Before you upgrade...

To have a seamless upgrading experience, follow these tips.

Upgrade tips

  • Verify Tableau Server is on version 10.1: (Directions Here) Tableau Desktop 10.1 is unable to publish to earlier versions of Tableau Server. Make sure you can still share your data!
  • Sharing workbooks with others? If you save a workbook in Tableau Desktop 10.1, anyone on an earlier version will be unable to open the workbook. Keep duplicates of your workbooks to be safe!
  • Test it out first! Take a look at the Known Issues and install Tableau Desktop 10.1 to make sure everything works as expected. You can install multiple versions on the same computer which will set 10.1 as the default version. Change your default back by following the instructions here: Upgrading Tableau Desktop
  • Installing on a new computer? You'll have to transfer your license from one computer to the other. Upgrading Tableau Desktop
  • Review Tech Specs: Starting with 10.0, Windows Vista, Internet Explorer 10.1 and earlier, and OS X Mavericks are no longer supported. Review the latest tech specs.
  • See what we fixed: 10.1 Release Notes


We recommend always being on the latest version for the newest features and fixes. However, when collaborating, consider using the same version of Tableau Desktop as your team and your Tableau Server because workbooks are automatically upgraded when published or saved and cannot be rolled back.

Compatibility details

  • Tableau Desktop can only publish to any same or later version of Tableau Server.*
  • If you publish to a later version of Tableau Server the workbook version will be upgraded to the Tableau Server version. If you then download the workbook from Tableau Server, you will now be unable to open the workbook in the earlier version of Tableau Desktop.
  • Later versions of Tableau Desktop can open workbooks from earlier versions of Tableau Desktop. However, the workbook version will be upgraded upon saving.
  • Keep multiple versions of a workbook locally to make sure you always have the version you need.
  • All versions of Tableau Desktop 8.2 and later can connect to data on any version of Tableau Server 8.2 and later.
  • For more information see: Desktop and Server Compatibility

    * Tableau Desktop and Server 8.2 and 8.3 are functionally the same, as 8.3 only added Kerberos support. As such, they are interchangeable and fully compatible.

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