Support and Service Analytics

Reacting to support incidents quickly is good. Predicting them proactively is even better. Tableau provides adaptive analytics to help you shorten case durations, improve the customer experience, and ensure you have the right resources in place. Build a visual command center in minutes that puts you at the helm of the case workflow with real-time accuracy. Evaluate past cases across time and at multiple levels of detail, right in the room with your team, or anytime with interactive web dashboards. Highlight successes, identify what drives them, and find opportunities for improvement—it’s easy with Tableau. See how you can gain powerful insight using support and service analytics in Tableau.

Support and Service analytics in action

Genesys validates hunches for improved call campaigns

Genesys' Director of Business Intelligence, Anthony Chamberas, explains how Tableau is helping the company improve its call campaigns. With over 3,500 clients and more than 100 million customer communications occurring daily, Genesys has plenty of data on hand. Using Tableau provided greater insight into that data, giving the BI team answers to questions like "When is it best to call a customer's landline?" and "What causes some people to hang up a phone call, and how can we be more sensitive to those needs?"

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Every day we find another use case for Tableau and we find more value, and it's really helping us run our business more effectively, but also service our customers more effectively.

Customer Service & Case Management Presentations

Presentation: Fostering a Culture Change at Consolidated Edison Via Tableau

ConEd of New York provides electric services to approximately 3.3 million customers and gas service to approximately 1.1 million customers in New York City and Westchester County.

Using Tableau to explore their data, and not just report it, ConEd discovered performance in key areas was significantly below goal. With traditional reporting, they thought they were reaching their target dates 80% of the time, but discovered using data visualization that they were only at 53%. Today, ConEd is visualizing data across their organization and using Tableau to do it.

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How OptumHealth better understands customers with Tableau

As companies confront the challenges of managing Big Data around customer service, more and more are creating physical Command Centers to monitor and manage their operations. Optum handles over 60 million calls per year, across 60 locations, and they leverage Tableau in their Command Center to create impactful, interactive visualizations that communicate the health of the operation at a glance, while also identifying performance outliers on a near real-time basis. This capability has enabled Optum to be more proactive and nimble in identifying issues and managing staff across sites, which has improved the overall customer service experience.

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Field Service & Service Management

Presentation: Visualizing a Clean Energy Future at EDF Renewable Energy

Learn how EDF Renewable Energy (EDF-Re) has adopted Tableau at an enterprise level to both report on and improve the performance of its renewable energy power plants. Specific daily and executive level dashboards will be demonstrated, as well as ad hoc engineering studies in which Tableau directly led to engineering corrective actions and cost savings.

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It's a lot easier to get information in a consumable format using a tool like Tableau as opposed to Excel or some more enterprise-wide, big, heavy BI solutions. That's one immediate time savings. The other is really just the speed at which we can iterate and improve the campaigns — we're able to much more quickly identify where opportunities might be.

Tracking call center claims data to optimize resources

Does a claim submitted by a physician have a different claim paid ratio than those submitted by phone or web? You bet. Is it valuable to dig into these differences to make more informed decisions? Absolutely.

Don’t stop there. Couple this claims information with other salient data. Which call centers are processing the claims? How does claim status vary by region, by call center?

Insights like these help managers, brokers, and administrators quickly identify ways to optimize call center resources, improve claims processing procedures, and identify potentially fraudulent patterns.

Click on the visualization to see how claims status varies by region and how the claim was initiated.

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