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Grow Your Business with Advanced Sales Analytics

Your sales organization is more competitive when you can keep sight of both the big picture and the day-to-day activities that close deals. That’s not easy when you're trying to do more with less. You need a powerful business analytics platform that brings together all your data. One that gives employees access to insights that help them make smarter, faster business decisions. Read this whitepaper and see how companies like LinkedIn and MillerCoors use Tableau to drive success now.

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Boost efficiency using sales analytics

Combat the growing sophistication and complexity of fraud schemes using powerful, intuitive analytics that detect fraudulent activity 58% faster to limit your losses.


Find insights

Produce rich data visualizations using natural language queries.

Make predictions

Use visual analytics to make accurate forecasts.

Take actions

Easily share marketing KPIs and insights.

Customer Success with Tableau


Customer story: Sysco LABS

Sysco LABS leverages customer behavior insights to help field reps transition customers to self-service.

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The sales-facing dashboard helped us promote the self-service model. We could see by account or geographic area where our e-commerce platform was being used, which customers were engaging with it, and where they needed help from the reps.

Discover how end-to-end sales analytics accelerate results

Evaluate performance against quota in context

See how your business is tracking. Measure sales performance against quota and past quarter sales.

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Understand the impact of changing sales incentives

Model commission rates by exploring the relationships between compensation type, commission, and quota attainment.

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Maximize productivity on LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Reduce churn and land new customers. Identify top performers and surface best practices to improve sales team performance.

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Jumpstart your analysis and realize business value faster with Tableau Accelerators: free turnkey dashboards that work with your existing data.

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Uncover insights faster for hundreds of use cases across industries, departments, and enterprise applications. These ready-to-use dashboards boost your productivity by tapping into the deep, functional, and industry expertise of the entire Tableau ecosystem–letting you harness the full power of your data.

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Sales Solutions

Provide sellers with the right data

Build trust and close bigger deals faster, with actionable customer insights in context.

Drive predictable revenue with data

Adjust forecast and de-risk pipeline to hit your targets even when customer demands change.

Understand business health in a single view

Connect data from anywhere to deliver insights and facilitate collaboration across revenue-generating teams.

Sales Cloud

Power up your sales org with automation, data, and intelligence with AI solutions from Salesforce Sales Cloud.

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