Accelerate Finance Reporting: 3 Examples Show You How

Find out how the Tableau Finance Analytics team automates manual processes to prepare and transform financial data–improving operational efficiencies, building data credibility, and gaining time for strategic analysis.

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Boost efficiency using finance analytics

Combat the growing sophistication and complexity of fraud schemes using powerful, intuitive analytics that detect fraudulent activity 58% faster to limit your losses.


Find insights

Automate the analysis, discovery, and communication of insights to save time and money.

Make predictions

Provide AI-powered predictions to show stakeholders what might happen and what action they can take.

Take actions

Automate business processes by triggering workflows in Salesforce Flow directly in Tableau.

Tableau’s commitment to evolving its platform has really driven our passion and enthusiasm to integrate analytics across the business. It is now the centerpiece of our enterprise analytics engine and allows us to produce actionable insights at an unbelievable pace.

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