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Learn more about the features in past Tableau releases. Many of the features below were inspired by our very own Tableau Community. If you have an idea for a new feature, we'd love to hear it! Please post your thoughts to the Tableau Ideas Forum.

Tableau 2020.3

Released 8/2020 | Tableau 2020.3 release notes

Tableau 2020.3 brings powerful functionality to help scale your analytics, making trusted data more accessible to everyone. Highlights include write to external databases in Tableau Prep, grant license on sign in, and deeper integration with SAP.

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Tableau 2020.2

Released 5/2020 | Tableau 2020.2 release notes

Tableau 2020.2 brings significant enhancements to help organizations through their analytics journey. Highlights include Metrics, set control, and enhancements to Tableau's data model with relationships to help you elevate your relationship with data.

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Tableau 2020.1

Released 2/2020 | Tableau 2020.1 release notes

Tableau 2020.1 includes exciting ways to add powerful interactivity to your data, bringing to life some of the most-requested features from the Tableau Community. Enjoy dynamic parameters, buffer calculations, and viz animations to tell even more powerful, moving stories behind your data.

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Tableau 2019.4

Released 10/2019 | Tableau 2019.4 release notes

2019.4 brings functionality to make it easier for customers to find, connect to, and analyze their data. Highlight features this release include significant table improvements, view recommendations for Tableau Server and Online, and Webhooks support to help further integrate and extend the Tableau platform.

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Tableau 2019.3

Released 9/2019 | Tableau 2019.3 release notes

2019.3 brings new capabilities to help you and your organization do more with your data. Understand the “why” behind outliers with Explain Data, build trust in your data with Tableau Catalog, and operate at even greater scale with our new Tableau Server Management Add-on offering. Also enjoy enhancements such as encryption at rest, the ability to embed Ask Data, and the ability to connect to published data sources in Prep Builder.

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Tableau 2019.2

Released 5/2019 | Tableau 2019.2 release notes

2019.2 includes exciting new ways to interact with your data and new dashboarding capabilities that come together to make a big difference for a more precise, streamlined authoring experience. Enjoy parameter actions, vector maps, and a new way to browse your content on Tableau Server and Online.

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Tableau 2019.1

Released 2/2019 | Tableau 2019.1 release notes

2019.1 includes the launch of Ask Data, an entirely new way to interact with your data in Tableau, as well as Tableau Prep Conductor, a new add-on to Tableau Online and Server that enables data preparation at scale by automating processes and flows. Also enjoy data-driven alert views, dashboard zone names, and URL action improvements.

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Tableau 2018.3

Released 10/2018 | Tableau 2018.3 release notes

2018.3 includes heatmaps, set actions, new dashboarding capabilities such as dashboard buttons and transparent backgrounds, and multiple table storage for extracts.

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Tableau 2018.2

Released 7/2018 | Tableau 2018.2 release notes

2018.2 includes exciting dashboard formatting improvements, such as dashboard grids and automatic mobile layouts, as well as the launch of Tableau Services Manager (TSM).

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Tableau 2018.1

Released 4/2018 | Tableau 2018.1 release notes

2018.1 includes the launch of our powerful new data preparation product, Tableau Prep, as well as other exciting features including step and jump lines, Dashboard Starters for Tableau Online, and the ability to connect to data directly from the browser for a better web authoring experience.

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Tableau 10.5

Released 1/2018 | Tableau 10.5 release notes

10.5 includes the launch of Hyper, Tableau's in-memory data engine technology, as well as Tableau Server on Linux, viz in tooltip, and nested projects for Tableau Server and Online.

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Tableau 10.4

Released 9/2017 | Tableau 10.4 release notes

10.4 focuses on data discovery with data source certifications and recommendations, as well as collaborative analytics with the introduction of discussions and viz snapshots. In 10.4, Tableau Desktop users who have upgraded can publish workbooks to older instances of Tableau Server (10.2 or higher), making it easier to deploy Tableau at scale.

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Tableau 10.3

Released 5/2017 | Tableau 10.3 release notes

10.3 helps you better scale and manage analytics across the business, including data-driven alerts, smart table and join recommendations, and the introduction of Tableau Bridge.

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Tableau 10.2

Released 2/2017 | Tableau 10.2 release notes

10.2 helps you tackle complex geospatial analysis with Shapefile support and Python integration, as well as improvements to help prepare your data for analysis.

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Tableau 10.1

Released 11/2016 | Tableau 10.1 release notes

10.1 includes support for JSON and the ability to connect directly to Marketo data, as well as API improvements to help further extend the power of Tableau.

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Tableau 10.0

Released 8/2016 | Tableau 10.0 release notes

10.0 brings an entirely new look and feel to Tableau, with beautiful fonts and colors to make your dashboards shine. Also enjoy powerful analytics features including cross-database joins, drag-and-drop clustering, custom territories, and the new highlighter functionality.

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Tableau 9.3

Released 3/2016 | Tableau 9.3 release notes

9.3 helps you analyze data and share findings faster with a new, delightful flow for publishing your data sources, workbook revision history, Union, and our Snowflake Data Connector.

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Tableau 9.2

Released 12/2015 | Tableau 9.2 release notes

9.2 brings Tableau to your fingertips with native iPhone support. Dive deeper into your geographical analysis with new mapping data and formatting options, and enjoy data preparation enhancements such as sub-table detection and data grid editing.

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Tableau 9.1

Released 9/2015 | Tableau 9.1 release notes

9.1 includes new enterprise capabilities like Mutual SSL, Active Directory Sync, and expanded SAP support. It also brings a new version of our Tableau Mobile App, with experience enhancements, increased responsiveness, and offline snapshots.

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Tableau 9.0

Released 4/2015 | Tableau 9.0 release notes

9.0 brings a new start experience in Tableau Desktop, as well as powerful features to keep your analysis in the flow, such as LOD expressions and a new calculation editor. Also enjoy performance improvements for significant increases in speed across your workbooks.

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