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Explore the newest features in Tableau 2019.3 including Explain Data, Tableau Catalog, and Tableau Server Management Add-on

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Tableau Catalog

With Tableau Catalog you get a complete view of all of the data being used by Tableau, and how it is connected to your analytics – including lineage, impact analysis and usage metrics. Increase the trust and discoverability of the right data for everyone in your organization. Tableau Catalog is part of the Data Management Add-on.

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Explain Data

Explain Data automatically provides AI-driven explanations for unexpected values in your data with a single click. Available as you’re creating a viz or dashboard, Explain Data uses powerful Bayesian methods to surface statistically significant explanations behind data points. Behind the scenes, hundreds of potential explanations are checked and the most likely ones are surfaced. Every explanation is a viz that can be explored with the full power of Tableau, keeping you in your analytical flow as you dive deeper into your data.

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Explain Data allows anyone, whatever their level of data knowledge, to explore their data and ‘go beyond the number’ to understand not only the what, but also the why – the true definition of democratizing data.

Tableau Server Management Add-on

The Tableau Server Management Add-on gives organizations running Tableau Server at scale greater manageability and control over their deployment. We’re making it easier to streamline management processes and run large, mission-critical Tableau Server deployments. This new offering provides AWS KMS integration, new performance monitoring and content management apps, and additional scalability capabilities for Tableau Server.

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