Tableau 2019.2 Features

Explore the newest features in Tableau 2019.2 including parameter actions, vector maps, and a new Tableau Server browsing experience

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Feature highlights

Vector maps

Enjoy a richer mapping experience with vector-based maps. Maps will look even sharper and feel even smoother, as you pan, zoom in, and zoom out to explore your geospatial data. Enjoy updated dark, normal, and light default styles, ACS demographic data, and for authors, new map styles and layers available right out of the box.

parameter actions new in tableau 2019.2

Parameter actions

You now have the ability to visually change a parameter’s value. Use parameter actions to drive reference lines, calculations, filters, and SQL queries simply by interacting with marks on a viz, bringing visual interactivity to your data like never before.

new browsing experience for server and online in tableau 2019.2

New Tableau Content Browsing Experience

Arrive to a new home page on Tableau Server and Online that displays personally relevant content upfront. A new left navigation makes it easy to quickly access favorites and recents, and discover new content through popular views. Additionally, a welcome screen will walk new users through specific actions based on their role.

Explore examples from the Tableau community

Vector maps | Viz by Kevin Flerlage

Zoom in and out to explore the street types of Cincinnati for some interesting discoveries about the city's historic district.

Vector maps | Viz by Tristan Schouten

Explore Amsterdam by taking a virtual walk around the city. Zoom in and out to discover must-see attractions, landmarks, and hidden gems.

Parameter actions | Viz by Lindsey Poulter

Select a city of interest and analyze which cities have similar sales in the corporate segment, technology category, and the state itself.

Parameter actions | Viz by Marc Reid

Quickly and easily explore multiple levels of date aggregations.

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