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Extend seamless analytics experiences to your products

Tableau Embedded Analytics brings Tableau's interactive and analytical capabilities to your products and applications quickly, without having to manage the resources and expenses of building from the ground up. Tableau integrates with your existing technologies with versatile single sign-on, enterprise-grade security, and out-of-the-box availability at scale. Leverage Tableau's analytics expertise and access our continued innovations toward delivering unique analytical experiences, including the metrics layer from Tableau Pulse.

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We believe that anyone, regardless of expertise, should be able to do advanced analytics, which requires hiding the technology’s complexities and presenting users with a tool that’s simple to use, but also powerful enough to perform complex analysis. Tableau Embedded Analytics allows us to do just that, facilitating data access, reporting, visualisation, exploration, searches and advanced data interrogation, all in real-time via the same intuitive interface.

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Key Features

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Accelerate time to value

Empower your organization with competitive differentiation, a fast go-to-market plan, an enriched customer experience, and opportunities for additional revenue streams. Our APIs and developer tools help you seamlessly integrate Tableau analytics into your products, applications, and web portals quickly.

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Customize self-service analytics

Deliver the AI-powered analytics experience your users want and need. Our building blocks allow you to embed Tableau’s core features into your application. Interactive dashboards help you and your customers track critical KPIs with Tableau Pulse, ask sophisticated questions with Einstein, and edit visualizations directly to discover meaningful insights with web authoring. Scale data-driven decision-making with AI-powered insights and integrate data into your day-to-day tasks.

Decorative image of the Tableau product.

Leverage a secure platform

Automate user, content, and permissions management and scale your solution with the Tableau REST API. Develop scheduled and event-driven scripts to refresh data, migrate workbooks, provision users, and more, starting with our Postman collection. Offer a trusted authentication experience by letting your application take the lead and provide access without needing to provision or maintain users in Tableau with on-demand access. Stay in full control by setting an allowlist of websites that can embed content from your Tableau instance.

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The Embedding Playground offers an interactive learning environment where you can rapidly develop embedded analytics solutions. Get hands-on experience embedding, customizing, and integrating Tableau with your application.


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The Tableau Developer Program provides training, skill-building, and networking opportunities for all levels of DataDevs. When you join our developer program, you get a free personal development sandbox where you can test our APIs and other developer tools in a safe environment.

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