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Introducing Relationships, Metrics, and Set Control in Tableau 2020.2

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Combining data just got easier and more powerful. By visually creating logical relationships between tables, Tableau will only query the data relevant to your analysis at the right level of detail. Analyze complex data faster and with more confidence. Read more about using relationships here.

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Metrics are a simple way to get a curated and consistent view of your most important KPIs. Create a metric from nearly any Tableau dashboard with a single click and view your metrics across multiple dashboards in one spot - either on the web or the Tableau Mobile app.

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set control new in Tableau 2020.2

Set control

The set control allows users to dynamically change the members of a set using a familiar, quick filter-like interface. End users can change set membership with both a single and multi-select dropdown, and the set control automatically refreshes its domain so that the data stays fresh.

With Tableau’s data model improvements we are able to work faster in our COVID-19 analysis. We have COVID-19 case data at a county level, testing data at a date level, and hospital data at an institution level, and we’re overlaying census population data to normalize everything per capita. This would have required multiple join combinations into several disparate data sources to analyze the data, but with the improvements to Tableau’s data model, we can easily relate tables in a single, flexible data source.

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Easily define relationships in your data

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Powerful, user-friendly analytics with set control

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