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Why get Tableau Certified?

Hiring managers look for the stamp of approval. Hear from Cisco's Ken Patton on why having a Tableau Certification will differentiate yourself.

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Certifiably Tableau Person of the Month

Mark Edwards
CACI Limited (UK)
Certifications: Desktop Specialist, Desktop Certified Associate, Desktop Certified Professional
Follow Mark: LinkedIn, Twitter, Blog

Why did you get Certified? Having discovered Tableau in 2016, I quickly adopted it as my tool of choice and wanted to continue my development at a rapid pace in 2017. I set myself a series of goals around learning and engaging more with others, and "get certified" was a key one among them. Having taken the Desktop Certified Associate exam at Tableau Conference 2017, it also meant that when I was recruiting for talented people to join my team I could get a good understanding of the technical proficiency level that a candidate already had. After the Desktop Specialist exam was released in 2018, I went back and took this too. There's been a lot of interest within our business in this exam, with many of my colleagues signing up to take it. By going through it myself I was much better placed to advise them on what to expect. Taking the Certified Professional was the natural next step to continue my development, and committing myself to it helped motivate me to plug a few gaps in my knowledge.

What has being Certified done for your career? I would say the biggest thing it has done for my career has been in terms of self-actualisation. My last career change came about by specialising in Tableau, but now I feel confident in presenting myself as an expert. It also means that when the time does come to take the next step in my career, I can point to my certifications alongside my Tableau Public portfolio and my blog as an illustration of my expertise.

Tips for others thinking about getting certified: Review the exam prep guides in detail and be very honest with yourself about what you consider to be the areas you need to brush up on. And do actually try the sample questions in the prep guides without having the answers to hand. They are a good representation of the types of question you'll be asked in the exam. Talk to your employer about your aspiration to become certified. They will likely want to support you, and perhaps even include it among your objectives as part of a professional development plan.

Read Mark's blog post on his experience taking the Desktop Certified Professional exam.

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