The Tableau Economy

Tableau is much more than a business, we're an economy

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Tableau Economy drives your data success

Built on the broadest, deepest data and analytics platform, the Tableau Economy is an ecosystem of customers, partners, and individuals leading the world’s data transformations. It supports a global community and thriving partner network, creating new jobs, careers, and business revenue that stimulate our economy. See how the Tableau Economy helps everyone achieve success with data:

Customers can quickly become data-driven, accelerate time to value, and maximize their ROI.
Partners can grow a valuable business supporting customers with unique solutions built on our end-to-end data and analytics platform.
People everywhere can develop a competitive career, help their organizations thrive, and join an inspiring community.

Introducing the Tableau Exchange

Jumpstart your analysis with resources to get to actionable data in minutes. Browse this hub of offerings and find something for a variety of use cases, industries, and enterprise applications: Dashboard Extensions, Connectors, and our newly-added Accelerators.

Formerly called Dashboard Starters, Accelerators are pre-built dashboards to help you dive straight into problem solving and create robust visualizations quickly. Tableau Exchange provides you the resources to get the most out of your Tableau investment.

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Tableau Exchange

We are on a mission to create a data-literate world.

Tableau commits to training 10 million people with data skills in 5 years.

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As a DataDev, access developer tools to build, fine-tune, and customize Tableau to work perfectly for your organization.

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