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Answers come in the form of rich data visualizations with no need to understand the structure of your data, so you can get to your insights faster.

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Ask Data interprets the intent behind ambiguous and vague questions to give you accurate results. Easily customize the underlying semantic model to your organization by adding synonyms, definitions, and calculations.

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Ask Data works with all existing data sources, both live connections and extracts, in Tableau Server and Tableau Online with no additional setup required. Continuously refine your question as you explore your data, then share the findings with others as a Tableau workbook.

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Available data sources to explore

The wines data source contains data on different varieties of wine, their vintage, price, and place of origin.

The sports salaries data source contains data on players in the NFL, MLB, and NHL, their salaries, years of experience, and team location.

Airbnb data sources are available for Boston, NYC, San Francisco, Seattle, and Sydney, and contain data on listing price, accommodation size, review score, and neighborhoods.

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