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Enrich Tableau's governance, security, and prep features.

Tableau Data Management activates a set of premium data capabilities for Tableau. This includes an analytics data catalog, data prep conductor (flow management), and other data governance and security controls. Data Management helps drive trust across Tableau deployments by surfacing critical metadata such as certifications, warnings, and definitions directly in the analytics experience.

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With Tableau and Prep Conductor, we're putting the whole ETL process into the analysts' hands. It's made us completely rethink how we design our data architecture—moving away from a warehouse strategy and more toward ad hoc, where the analysts can manipulate and prepare the data in more agile ways that respond to business needs more quickly and effectively.

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Key Features

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Simplify data connectivity

With row level security enforced for all users, you can create and share a central access point to your data source, so everyone can self-serve on data without sacrificing data security. This allows you to curate relevant tables for analysis while simplifying management and consolidating extracts and queries, reducing load on your data warehouse and Tableau environment.

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Reimagine data governance

Define data security policies where you connect to your data. Data policies enable you to configure row-level security once for downstream assets, ensuring data is only visible to the appropriate groups or individuals, without leaving your Tableau ecosystem. Using Tableau's cataloging capabilities, provide context on data freshness, usage, and meaning within dashboards to speed up collaboration. Integrate Tableau Catalog with an enterprise data catalog via our APIs or prebuilt solutions.

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Streamline data prep

Automate your Tableau Prep flows to unlock efficiencies in your data cleaning, transformation, or loading processes. With Tableau Prep Conductor, you can schedule flows on a set cadence so you can use Tableau Prep to keep data fresh at scale.

Data and AI made for your enterprise

Together with Salesforce, Tableau is focused on helping you unleash your full potential, experience aha moments with AI, and ignite your passion for data. Unlock even more resources targeted at elevating your organization's data maturity with solutions targeted for the growing enterprise. Maximize your data investment by surfacing critical metadata such as certifications, warnings, and definitions directly in the analytics experience. Leverage trusted partners to bring strategic guidance, technical expertise, and innovation to your unique architecture.

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