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Give your teams skills to drive powerful business insights


Now that you’ve equipped your team with Tableau, it’s time to equip them with the skills they need to turn all that data into actionable insights for your organization.

Designed for learners of all skill levels, our education and certification offerings drive data literacy across your organization. Not only will your team’s new expertise help maximize the value of your Tableau investment, but employees will also build skills that set them apart in a market where data analytics skills are increasingly valuable.

Keep reading to see how Tableau training can help transform your organization for the better.

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How Tableau Learning drives better business outcomes

Two ways education empowers your organization


You’ll make more data-informed decisions

The key to your success isn’t just harnessing data—it’s developing a team that knows how to turn that data into actionable insights. With Tableau training, you’ll give your people the skills and hands-on experience they need to ensure your organization makes insights-fueled decisions that impact and improve each part of your business.

You can fill your own skills gap

In the current market, demand exceeds supply when it comes to people with data analytics skills. That’s why investing in your existing team is a dual win: your business quickly cultivates the skills it needs, and your employees add to their tool sets and impact.

Get to know Tableau for teams

Whatever your organization’s size, Tableau offers training options to help your team build their skills. Training options include:


Tableau Learning Credits

You can purchase prepaid, use-as-needed training credits when you buy Tableau products. Put them toward any Tableau training or certification. Even better? You’ll only have one purchase order for the whole year.

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Public Training

Elevate your skills with hands-on, instructor-led training through Trailhead Academy. Explore our diverse range of courses designed to empower you with the latest Tableau expertise.

Public courses

Private Training

Classroom education is the most engaging way to train your users. Private group lessons with experts bring convenient, practical, and powerful training right to your office.

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Certifications and Exam Prep

Tableau offers training and certifications designed for every role. By helping your people earn Tableau certifications, you’ll both empower them with essential data skills and create clear knowledge benchmarks for your teams.

Ready to certify your team? Order exam vouchers in bulk through the Tableau Certification Store.

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eLearning courses

Digital classes are a flexible, scalable resource for your employees. Employees can work through on-demand coursework at their own pace, and you can even conduct a self-service audit of your organization’s learning progress.

Explore Tableau Learning Paths

Got questions about improving data literacy? We’ve got answers.

Get actionable insights about your organization’s data proficiency and identify the right steps to take you where you want to go.

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Dig deeper into the benefits of Tableau training

Wonder how else education opportunities from Tableau can drive more value for your organization?


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Learn from the best

Tableau instructors must pass rigorous exams and meet stringent guidelines to become certified to teach Tableau content.

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Gain administrative efficiencies

Tableau Learning eliminates the need to allocate funds for ad hoc training and reduces the time and effort required to make multiple education purchases—earning you a higher ROI.

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Support your workforce

Offering industry-recognized training and paths to certification proves to your people that you’re as invested in their development and job satisfaction as they are.

Take the next step on your learning journey

From fast-track programs to private group study for your team, we create talent development plans customized for your organization. Work with one of your Customer Success Managers who can design a plan for you.

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