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Explore the newest features in Tableau 2020.1 including dynamic parameters, viz animations,
and buffer calculations

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Feature highlights

dynamic parameters new in 2020.1

Dynamic parameters

Say goodbye to republishing workbooks with parameters every time the underlying data changes. Set your parameter once, and Tableau will automatically update the parameter’s list of values every time someone opens the workbook.

viz animations new in 2020.1

Viz animations

Viz animations help you see and understand your changing data. It’s easy to track the logical steps behind data’s evolution and tell powerful data stories. Sorting, filtering, adding fields, and other actions will now smoothly animate your visualizations. Choose whether to turn Viz Animations on or off, and decide how you’d best like to apply animations to your new workbooks.

buffer calculations new in 2020.1

Buffer calculations

Buffer calculations allow you to visualize the distance around point locations. Give Tableau three parameters—location, distance, and a unit of measure—and a buffer, or boundary is instantly created. Answering complex spatial questions becomes easier than ever before—visualize what properties are within 200 meters of a proposed transit site, or how many competitors’ stores are within 1 mile of their store, and more.

Each month, I manually update the parameter values of a dozen dashboards. Dynamic parameters will allow those parameters to be updated automatically, saving me hours every single month. This is the most requested feature in the history of Tableau and it is a complete game-changer — I cannot wait to see how others use it!

Explore viz animations examples from the Tableau community

Viz by Marc Reid

A fan favorite, this viz is inspired by Hans Rosling's famous TED talk. Visually follow the countries as they move around the scatter plot, showing a decrease in births per woman and an increase in life expectancy, as the years passed from 1962 to 2003.

Viz by Joshua Smith

Explore how today's top grossing movies actually compare if you consider that a dollar today is very different than a dollar yesterday. The animations help you see how the top gross films move down, up, or even off the list after gross is adjusted for inflation.

Viz by James Smith

Click on the bars to explore the relationships between different dimensions. This dashboard cleverly combines proportional brushing and viz animations to highlight changes in the data as you select different drivers or constructors. See how this dashboard was made in our Special Edition: Community Feature Demo

Tableau 2020.1 Viz Gallery

Explore creative examples of viz animations and buffer calculations from the Tableau community.

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