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Tableau 2020.2 takes your data analysis to the next level. Start here to learn more.

What's new?

Take your analysis to the next level with data relationships, set improvements, new spatial data connectors and more. Find out more about the new features in Tableau 2020.2 before upgrading: What's new

New data modelling capabilities

Tableau Desktop 2020.2 makes it easier to analyse data across multiple tables with a new logical layer that allows you to create relationships between tables. You can now create normalised data models, bring in data from multiple tables more easily and query only the data that's needed with context-aware queries.

Set improvements

Tableau 2020.2 brings even more power to sets with set controls and set action improvements.
Set controls let your audience add or remove set members by interacting directly with a card in the view – edit mode not required. Improvements to set actions allow you incrementally add or remove values from a set just by interacting with a viz.

Spatial data improvements

New in 2020.2, you can connect Tableau directly to location data in Esri via the Esri web data connector. Just enter an ArcGIS Server URL or GeoService API URL. Tableau 2020.2 also adds support for Oracle tables that contain spatial data.

Other resources

Sharing your workbook with others?
If you know what versions other viewers will use to open your workbook, you can use the Export as version… option. This will let other users in your organisation open and edit a workbook even when they aren't using the latest version of Tableau Desktop (down to Tableau 10.2).

You might see an error when publishing your workbook. See this Knowledge Base article for more information.

Test it out first!
Take a look at the Known issues and install the most recent version of Tableau Desktop to make sure everything works as expected.
  • You can install multiple versions of Tableau Desktop on the same computer. For example, if 2020.1 is the most recent version installed, it will become the default.
  • Change your default back by following the instructions here: Upgrading Tableau Desktop.
  • Installing on a new computer?
    You'll have to transfer your licence from one computer to the other. For more information, see Upgrading Tableau Desktop and Move or deactivate Tableau Desktop in Tableau Help.
    See what we fixed
    Take a look at the release notes to see what was fixed in this new release.

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