Customer Portal: Buy More Licenses FAQ

Who can buy additional licenses through the Customer Portal?

We are currently offering the ability to purchase additional licenses to a small portion of customers / users (see requirements below which are not comprehensive). We have plans to expand this scope in the near future. If you are not currently eligible, please contact our sales department to complete a transaction.

  • You must be an administrator for your account.
  • Deployments cannot have product add-ons such as server management or data management at this time.
  • Government and non-for profit accounts are currently not supported.

How do I purchase additional licenses for my deployment?

Complete the following steps to purchase additional licenses:

  1. If you meet the requirements outlined in the question above login to
  2. Select 'Deployment' from the top navigation bar.
  3. Click the ‘ADD MORE’ button next to the deployment you wish to purchase additional seats for.
  4. Select the additional seats you would like to add to your deployment.
  5. After completing your purchase, you will receive a confirmation email. Additional available licenses can be seen in your portal account here.

customer portal buy more Choose number of licenses

Why am I unable to purchase additional licenses or don’t see the option to purchase additional seats in the customer portal?

Your account may not yet be supported or you may not be an account administrator. Please reach out to our sales department and they would be happy to assist you.

If I add more seats midway through my yearly subscription, do I pay the price for a full year?

No. When you’re adding more seats to an existing subscription, we’ll make sure your new seats have the same subscription end date as your existing Tableau seats. You will pay a prorated price calculated from the purchase date and the current end date of your subscription.

What payment methods and currency types are supported?

We support all major credit cards and orders placed in USD or JPY, please contact our sales team to use a different payment method.

What is a Customer Deployment?

A ‘deployment’ represents a named collection of licenses that are intended to be used (or stacked) in the same Product Environment for Tableau Server or the seats and features that are part of the same Tableau Online site. Deployments should be a coterminous collection of seats which are installed together as either an internal or external set of products. If needed, you can enable more than one Deployment of Tableau subscription products as your business grows.

Where else can I purchase additional licenses?

We now offer the ability to purchase additional licenses directly from Tableau Online and the Webstore in addition to the Customer Portal