The Value of Tableau

Making informed decisions starts with your analytics platform

Is analytics a strategic business objective?

You want a modern analytics platform to facilitate informed decision-making, yet you may be tempted to choose a product that came as part of a software bundle instead of deeply evaluating the leading solutions in the market. Catch the irony?

With the volumes and varieties of data collected today, every company is now a data company. But not every analytics platform is the same. To drive change with data, you need a solution that helps users get deep insights without compromising governance or speed.

Webinar Series | Generate value with analytics

Forrester Consulting, Dropbox and Slalom examine how the right analytics solution can lead to deeper insights, better governance and broader adoption.

The Total Economic Impact™ Of Tableau

Tableau commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a study examining the potential return on investment (ROI) enterprises may realize.

Three models for calculating BI value

Assess analytics ROI beyond total cost of ownership

Explore Value Models

The right analytics solution can drive change, not just check a box

BI and analytics providers may make similar claims about features, and the end visualizations may even look the same. However, there's more value to your organization through the deeper insights users get when empowered to ask and answer their own questions.

Tableau is easy to learn and fast to drive impact, enabling iterative exploration through intuitive interfaces—from drag-and-drop to natural language interactions. Our diverse and passionate global community helps accelerate personal and organizational growth. And with our enterprise-grade security and governance, everyone in the organization can explore trusted data while IT has peace of mind.

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Leverage your existing investments. Flexibility and choice means your analytics platform doesn't dictate how your modern data architecture evolves.

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Plan, deploy, and scale with confidence in your modern analytics approach. You need more than the right technology to drive change with data.

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Find your data family. Our passionate, active, and global community shares best practices and supports one another on and offline.

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Analytics people love—see impact with adoption

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"I think that’s been the biggest contributor to Tableau’s success at JPMC. It evolved from nothing to where we are today because people want to use it, and not because IT went off in a bubble."

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"I can tell you that easily it runs into 10,000–20,000 man hours in terms of productivity generated because of the automation and standardization you get out of Tableau. But more than that, to me it’s the business value—and you cannot really put a price on it."

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"Tableau is so great because it talks to all these different softwares. And for us, this was a big milestone—tying them together and getting text mining into a dashboard."

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