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The Vault is a learning series specifically dedicated to the analytics needs of our Financial Services and Insurance Community. Whether you're a current customer, analyst, business unit or new to Tableau, we have a number of virtual sessions that will help you throughout your analytics journey.

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August 2022
Time Session Title  
August 31, 2022
12:00-1:00pm EST
Transforming Insurance Group Benefits and Delivering Value with Tableau

Seismic shifts in the composition of today's workforce and the ever-increasing competition to attract and retain the best talent has put a spotlight on group insurance benefits offered by employers.

Having the ability to leverage data to highlight meaningful participation trends, surface actionable product and people insights, and offer differentiated digital experiences to customers is key to unlocking tangible value and propelling market share.

Learn how Tableau is being used by insurance carriers to create new revenue streams, product offerings, and deliver value to customers.

September 2022
Time Session Title  
September 20-22, 2022
Dreamforce, San Francisco and Virtually on Salesforce+

Join us in person (or virtually from anywhere) in September for an epic experience three years in the making — we’re coming together again for one heck of a family reunion. Get ready, Trailblazers, we’ve got some celebrating to do.

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Customer Stories
People, Products, & Data: A holistic approach to product design for protecting investors - A Vanguard Business Case
Visualizing a Crisis with Tableau at Bank of America
That One Thing - Financial Services

Financial institutions are turning to data to drive business resilience. Learn how Vanguard Charitable, KeyBank, and Bank Mandiri are harnessing analytics and leading with speed and insights to support communities in times of crisis.

Guiding Targeted Philanthropy at Vanguard Charitable Using Data

Vanguard Charitable optimizes strategic grant making, cuts manual reporting by 50% with Tableau

Your Financial Services and Insurance Leadership Team

Greg Haislip

AVP, US Financial Services, Strategic Banking


Sarah Keren

AVP, Wealth Management, Banking and Payments


Meghan Cooney

AVP, Insurance


Jeff Black

Senior Director, Solution Engineering


Ben Bradley

Director, Solutions Engineering, Insurance


William Reich

William Reich

Sr. Director, Solutions Engineering, Tableau CRM


Mike Holcomb

Senior Manager, Customer Success