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Welcome to Tableau's Financial Services and Insurance Vault!

The Vault is a learning series specifically dedicated to the analytics needs of our Financial Services and Insurance Community. Whether you're a current customer, analyst, business unit or new to Tableau, we have a number of virtual sessions that will help you throughout your analytics journey.

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July 2021
Time Session Title  
July 1, 2021
12 - 1pm eST
Customer Success Brain Date: Expanding Your Skill Belt To Be A Tableau Master

Accountability and reward systems are series of checkpoints and milestones along a user's skill development path.  They establish common goals and achievements across an organization to encourage users to stay motivated and engaged in building their skill sets. Education is an ongoing process, and as an organization's deployment grows, users need opportunities for continuous learning and rewards.

During this interactive Brain Date, meet with Tableau Customer Success Managers to discuss three approaches to validate skills to incorporate into your data education plan: Role Badges, Tableau Product Certification, Skill Belts. Register + attend live for this "coffee date" and you get Tableau swag!

July 13, 2021
12 - 1PM EST
Externalizing Analytics to Your Customers (in Portals or With Salesforce Communities)

Do you want to provide your customers with analytics and reporting?  Come to this session to learn how you can share analytics with your customers and meet them where they are at (embedding Tableau in customer facing portals or Salesforce Communities).

July 14, 2021
12 - 1PM EST
Transformation Trends in Banking - Leveraging Analytics to Thrive in the Post Pandemic Era

Disruption is creating opportunities and challenges for all banks, regardless of size. While the risk and regulatory protection agenda remains a major focus, banks must also address financial performance and heightened customer expectations. Innovation and business-led transformation will be critical for future growth. To remain competitive and relevant, every bank must embrace disruption and strategically build a better ecosystem – not a bigger bank.

Business insights have never been more important to banking leaders. A well-defined analytics strategy is a critical component of the future success of all banks. Research shows that data driven enterprises are the best performers in their peer groups. Join us for an engaging conversation that will highlight some of the trends that are shaping the banking industry and showcase how banking leaders can leverage Tableau and Salesforce to position themselves for success in the post pandemic era.

July 15, 2021
12 - 1pm eST
AI/ML & Data Science For Analytics

The global pandemic has taught us many things. For businesses, it is that a digital transformation is not an opportunity for growth; it is an imperative for survival. Businesses need advanced analytics yesterday and the power of data science today if they hope to be competitive in the economy of tomorrow.

In this session you will see:
- Diverse examples of how data science is driving ROI in modern businesses
- How the power of AI & ML is being democratized to empower business scientists
- Why your data science journey can and must begin today

July 21, 2021
12 - 1Pm EST
Beginner 2-Part Series: Banking Demo & Topic, Plus Hands On Training (Part 1)

Do you work in Banking and want to explore how Tableau Desktop can change the way you analyze data? Then this is the session for you! Follow along with our speaker as you launch Tableau, connect to a banking data set, and begin answering questions for the first time. This session utilizes a sample loans data set that you will need to download in addition to Tableau Desktop.

  1. Download Tableau Desktop
  2. Download this sample Bank Loans data set from the Vault Resource Hub
July 21, 2021
1 - 2PM EST
Data Culture Series - Episode Two: Building Strong Stakeholder Relationships in a Data Culture

Growing a Data Culture doesn't happen all at once - it takes incremental wins and collaboration across an entire organization. In the second episode of the Data Culture Series, we'll explore change management and adoption strategies for scalable data and analytics programs. Senior Manager, Courtney Smith and Global Head of Data & Analytics, Nate Mayfield from Illumina's analytics team discuss the importance of building foundational data projects in partnership with IT, the business and best practices for nurturing these relationships. They also discuss their success with Tableau Blueprint to set a foundation for agility, governance and community.

We'll discuss how this approach set Illumina's analytics team up for success, with benefits like:

  • Increased collaboration across organizational functions
  • Alignment between analytics goals and business goals
  • Identification of quick wins and long-term, high-value projects
July 22, 2021
12 - 1pm EST
Beginner 2-Part Series: Banking Demo & Topic, Plus Hands On Training (Part 2)

Do you work in Banking and want to explore how Tableau Desktop can change the way you analyze data? Then this is the session for you! Follow along with our speaker as you launch Tableau, connect to a banking data set, and begin answering questions for the first time. This session utilizes a sample loans data set that you will need to download in addition to Tableau Desktop. 


  1. Download Tableau Desktop
  2. Download this sample Bank Loans data set from the Vault Resource Hub
July 26, 2021
3:30 - 4:15pm EST
Family Fun Live Demo: Team USA Opening Ceremony Starter Set

Get ready - set - go! Join us live as we celebrate with our Tableau community and families as Team USA competes in the long awaited Tokyo Games with a "Team USA Opening Ceremony Starter Set"!

A fun DIY crafts set that will get everyone into the spirit. The set comes equipped with materials needed to make your own wreath, torch, and flag. Then tune in on July 26 for a live demo by Alicia Chetri, who will guide us through to create the set and make sure you’re ready to wave your flag to celebrate Team USA in the Tokyo Games.

July 27, 2021
12:00 - 1:00pm EST
Team USA at the Tokyo Games: Creating a Viz at Record Speed

This July, as part of our Industries Week celebrating Team USA competing in the Tokyo Games, we’re highlighting the #SportsVizSunday monthly challenge. Watch as Zen Master, Simon Beaumont creates a gold medal-winning visualization, from scratch, within 20 minutes. Or to put it another way, in less time than it takes to break the current 10,000 meters World Record! Enjoy expert viz commentary, an intro to Sports Viz Sunday, the Tableau Community, and Tableau Public━and decide if Simon’s viz is worthy of the top step on the podium.

July 28, 2021
3:00 - 4:00pm EST
Sports, Women & Data: How to Stay in the Championship Mindset

On the daily, women are pulled in so many different directions━from careers, to home-life, to fostering relationships━it’s a daily “marathon” to keep up with all the things that demand our attention. Join us on July 28th to hear how women leaders from various roles in the sports industry are leveraging data, organizational tools, and support systems to stay in a “championship” mindset. You don’t want to miss the stories and first-hand tips/tricks from our panel of power-women.

August 2021
Time Session Title  
Aug 4, 2021
1 - 2pm EST
Telling the World’s Climate Story Through Data

The climate emergency is objectively the biggest and most complex challenge our species has ever faced. But it’s about so much more than the environment. Taking climate action is a way to create equality, strengthen the economy, support human health and biodiversity and deliver environmental impact for climate.

Leaders across industries are rising to meet climate issues head on by incorporating ESG (Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance) into their business. Corporations are setting bold targets, the investor market is demanding climate action and climate transparency; all of this is demonstrated through trusted data. While we've come so far, we still have so far to go. During this session, join Patrick Flynn, VP, Sustainability, Salesforce for insights and perspective on impactful climate action, plus a fireside chat and open Q+A.

Further highlights include:
- Anchoring sustainability into business strategy
- Tracking carbon emissions and energy consumption
- Inspiring Tableau Vizzes that show the world’s carbon footprint

Aug 5, 2021
12 - 1pm EST
Vizzing Financial Data

Finance people are said to be hard to win over to the side of data visualization. Why is this the case? Because of the data? Because of the context? Because of the people? Come along with Zen Masters & IronViz Finalists Sarah Bartlett and Klaus Schulte for a deep dive into visualizing financial data. Learn about the special context and variations of chart types often used in this special context. Sarah and Klaus will also introduce techniques to improve the user experience and to draft completely custom visualizations.

Aug 11, 2021
12 - 1Pm EST
Getting Started With Tableau CRM for Financial Services

Want to understand how to leverage your data in Salesforce?  Come join this session to learn how you can deploy analytics apps in Salesforce and what Trailhead courses you can take to become a Tableau Trailblazer!

Aug 18, 2021
12 - 1pm eST
How NOT to Excel with Tableau

Too many people rely on large, clunky crosstabs that don't really provide any insights.  Learn how to trim down those monsters by providing guided analysis.  We'll also show you how you can prove to people that they will want more visualization and fewer crosstabs.

Aug 18, 2021
1 - 2pm eST
Growing an Organization With Data-Driven Decisions in Tableau

Finding ways to take action on available data can be difficult for many organizations. In this session, we will share the story of a Tableau customer with three business objectives they wanted to improve: increase customer acquisition, sell add-on policies, and focus on the most profitable customers. The data to answer these questions existed, but it was used differently by agents, sales managers, billing, marketing, and many other leaders.

This customer used Tableau to centralize their data into a single hub to measure one source of truth. But they took it much further creating a launchpad to prompt action based on a user's specific role, and which strategy was most relevant to them. Join us to learn more about how this customer is doing more than just reporting 'yesterday's weather,' and see how they have leveraged the data they already have to empower many individuals to make the 'next best action.'

Aug 26, 2021
12 - 1Pm EST
Using Tableau's Data Management Capability for Analytics Governance

Review current data governance challenges and how Tableau's Data Management add-on solves them.

September 2021
Time Session Title  
Sept. 14, 2021
12 - 1pm eST
Leveraging Tableau and Mulesoft Together

More information coming soon.

Sept. 30, 2021
Battle of The Banks

Join us for the ultimate competition across financial services and insurance. More information coming soon.

Customer Stories
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Financial institutions are turning to data to drive business resilience. Learn how Vanguard Charitable, KeyBank, and Bank Mandiri are harnessing analytics and leading with speed and insights to support communities in times of crisis.

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