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Customer Success Brain Date: Building Champion User Groups

As data touches every aspect of our lives, the need for data literacy has never been greater. During this brain date, meet our Customer Success Managers, Vanitha Lucas and Mike Madigan, to get their home-run tips on how to promote data literacy, and build an incredible data culture. This session explores how to be the ultimate Data Champion to your team.

About the speakers


Vanitha Lucas

Director, Retail Distribution Analytics & Data, CIBC - Member of the Board at Viz for Social Good

Strongly believing in the power of data and analytics to serve the greater good, Vanitha is dedicating herself to raising awareness and influencing change on societal issues. Vanitha volunteers on the Board of Viz for Social Good and leads the Toronto chapter. Vanitha has an extensive background developing data strategies, delivering enterprise data management solutions and enabling business intelligence and analytics to drive business outcomes. She is currently Director, Retail Distribution Analytics and Data at CIBC.


Mike Madigan

Strategic Customer Success Manager @ Tableau

Hi Everyone! My name is Mike Madigan I have been with Tableau since 2016, based out of our Washington DC office. My job at Tableau is to help enable and empower some of our largest customers to be successful with Tableau! I really look forward to working with you this year and seeing how I can help!

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