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Embedded Analytics for External Customers with Lovelytics

Interested in sharing analytics with your clients or external stakeholders? In this session, learn how Broadridge and Lovelytics worked together to deploy Tableau embedded analytics to Broadridge's clients across the globe. During the session, hear from the Broadridge team on why they decided to use Tableau, how they implemented the solution with the help of Lovelytics, and how they successfully sold and deployed their solution to clients. Register and attend any of the sessions in The Vault to learn from our data experts, customers, and trusted partners as they share valuable perspectives, guided lessons, and resources on how to use your data to respond to the most important elements of the business.

About the speakers


Scott Love

CEO and Founder - Lovelytics

Scott Love is the CEO and Founder of Lovelytics, a Tableau and data services organization headquartered in Arlington, VA. Scott and his team at Lovelytics work hand-in-hand with organizations to develop data strategies focused on deriving better insights and telling better stories from data. Scott and his team worked with UNTUCKit during their digital transformation to provide strategic guidance and technical support.

Brad LeClair

Vice President of Product Management - Broadridge Investment Management Solutions

Brad is VP Product Management at Broadridge Investment Management Solutions, providing data management solutions to more than 250 global hedge funds, hedge fund administrators, asset managers, family offices and prime brokers.

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