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Tableau Visionary Session: From Zero to Zen

Tableau Visionary Jim Dehner shares the five foundational concepts he learned on his journey from spreadsheets to Tableau.

Like many others, he came to Tableau from a background filled with spreadsheets and no experience with visual analytics or Tableau. After picking up Tableau, he learned many valuable lessons (some more painful than others), and he has distilled that learning into this set of concepts he had to master before he could use Tableau to its full potential.

He breaks down each of these foundational pillars and explores each through the lens of a new user. You'll learn all the things you have to know, and several of the potential pitfalls you should be aware of.

About the speaker

Jim Dehner

Jim Dehner

Tableau Visionary, Ambassador, User Group Leader, BI Consultant

Jim is a Tableau Visionary, 5-time Ambassador and co-leads the Nashville Tableau User Group. He received a 2020 Vizzie for "Most Technically Sound" and recently launched the Tableau Newbies User Group. Professionally he is a BI consultant and brings real world business perspective with over 30 years’ experience in product management and engineering. Jim is passionate about helping new users and students on their journey to learn Tableau with How-To and Use-Case examples on his blog and Tableau Public site.

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