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People, Products, & Data: A holistic approach to product design for protecting investors - A Vanguard Business Case

Extracting maximum value from your people, products, and data is challenging. Orchestration can feel impossible and siloed workstreams blur the big picture and product experience. Sound familiar?... You’re not alone!

The solution lies in a purposeful framework that capitalizes on the holistic view of people, products, and data. And there is no better place to bring people and data together than Tableau. This framework guides data professionals through designing effective workshops, crafting engaging Tableau UI/UX, and releasing great products!

Following this session, you will gain a new lens on how to maximize value from your People, Products, and Data every time.

About the speakers

Jeff Ocampo headshot

Jeff Ocampo

Data Analytics Technical Lead at The Vanguard Group

- Tableau Developer, Site Admin, and Rockstar since 2014
- Aspiring polymath with a love for tech and data
- M.S. in Business Analytics (Rensselaer) and current student of M.S. in Computer Science
(Georgia Tech)

Matt Eads headshot

Matt Eads

Sr. Data Analyst at The Vanguard Group

- 4x Tableau IronViz Contestant
- Wanna be Table Calc expert
- Builder Of Things

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