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Team USA at the Tokyo Games: Creating a Viz at Record Speed

As part of our Industries Week celebrating Team USA competing in the Tokyo Games, we’re highlighting the #SportsVizSunday monthly challenge. Watch as Tableau Visionary, Simon Beaumont creates a gold medal-winning visualization, from scratch, within 20 minutes. Or to put it another way, in less time than it takes to break the current 10,000 meters World Record! Enjoy expert viz commentary, an intro to Sports Viz Sunday, the Tableau Community, and Tableau Public━and decide if Simon’s viz is worthy of the top step on the podium.



About the speakers

Spencer Baucke

Spencer Baucke

Co-Founder of #SportsVizSunday

Spencer has been active in the Tableau community the past several years as a co-founder of #SportsVizSunday. Spencer has received 14 Tableau Public VOTDs, been a Tableau Public Featured Author, been featured in 2 Tableau Conference Viz Galleries, and has a viz included in Tableau Public’s list of Top 10 favorited vizzes of all time. At Tessellation, Spencer is a Principal Consultant that helps clients build sustainable solutions in a variety of BI tools.

Simon Beaumont headshot

Simon Beaumont

Simon is BI Director at Jones Lang LaSalle, a global leader in real estate services. He is a current Tableau Visionary and Social Ambassador and is co-lead of the community initiative #SportsVizSunday which aims to unite people behind a shared love of sports and data.

Kate Brown headshot

Kate Brown

Business Support & Analytics Manager at Comcast

Kate is a Business Support & Analytics manager at Comcast. She's been using Tableau for 6 years and is a co-lead of #SportsVizSunday. Kate's a passionate golfer and when she's not on the links, she's creating Tableau public visualizations on golf.

Amber Knighten headshot

Amber Knighten

Lead Solution Engineer, Tableau

As a Lead Solution Engineer, Amber helps customers and enterprises create viable solutions through creative strategy. She creates solutions that help people and teams better utilize their resources. As an All-American shot putter, she dedicated over 15 years to her craft which culminated in an Olympic bid. The skills gained throughout her track and field career still benefit her today. She's a strategic thinker, an adaptive problem solver, and knows what it is to be and stay disciplined. She holds two Master’s degrees with an analytics focus.

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