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Enable Credit Risk Analysis for Financial Institutions

As the economy shifts during the pandemic, lending providers and governments are dynamically altering policies that impact borrowers. Meanwhile, financial institutions need to work rapidly to limit risk exposure before it impacts the bottom line and address questions like:

  • How much exposure do I have across my portfolio?
  • Which businesses are impacted more than others?
  • How are closures in key locations influencing credit?

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About the speakers


Tom Bruno

Client Service Lead, Slalom

Tom is a seasoned capital markets executive with over 25 years’ experience driving technology, data and process transformation to deliver innovation and business results for his firms and clients. He combines industry experience from a number of global investment managers and technology firms in the sales, data and technology verticals to guide clients as they seek build new capabilities, service new clients, and set themselves apart from their competition.


Jess Minton

Solution Principal, Slalom

Jess is a data storyteller and analytics advocate with over 9 years of consulting experience. She is a Tableau Desktop Certified Professional, and leads efforts to implement empowering analytics dashboards, manage enterprise Tableau Server environments, and train new users in Tableau. Her skills as a cartographer help her create impactful data visuals that support clients in an increasingly data-driven world.

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