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Leveraging the Tableau Community

Community and the Data Fam is everything at Tableau. Join our Solutions Engineers, Mark Bradbourne and Candra McRae, who started as part of the community themselves, to learn how to leverage your peers to increase your skills and find inspiration.

About the speakers


Mark Bradbourne

Solution Engineer, Tableau

Mark Bradbourne has spent 22 years working in Analytics across a variety of industries including companies like Harley-Davidson Motor Company and Sherwin-Williams. Now working for Tableau as a Solution Engineer he is helping customers to see and understand their data. He is a former Tableau Ambassador and former co-leader of the Cleveland Tableau User Group (both surrendered when he joined Tableau). He has published over 240 visualizations to his Tableau Public profile, and is a huge believer in the Tableau Community for raising you skill level.


Candra McRae

Candra is the principal consultant and founder of Lumodis, an analytics services firm focused on data strategy, data visualization, data literacy, and digital experience optimization. She is a Tableau Visionary, Tableau Public Ambassador, Community Equity Task Force member, Tableau Data Leaders Advisory Board member, previous #TC18 speaker, and former featured author. When she is not showing others how to understand their data or how to tell data stories that inspire action, she enjoys moving the conversation forward related to diversity in tech and data ethics.

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