Data fabric

Self-service analytics and modern data governance, all in one

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What is data fabric?

A data fabric is a data management design that dynamically unifies disparate data sources intelligently and securely. Data fabrics use automation for end-to-end data management—including metadata automation—making real-time, self-service analytics a business reality that can scale.


empower everyone

Empower everyone to analyze and explore data

Build a Data Culture by eliminating data silos with a federated environment.

deeply integrate

Deeply integrate with your enterprise architecture

Surface rich metadata when and where it counts for the fastest time to value.

manage all your data

Manages all your analytics data without compromise

Increase access to data regardless of location—on-prem, cloud, or hybrid.

The Tableau approach

Tableau supports data fabric designs by putting analytics first. Our suite of solutions—with Tableau Data Management at the heart—together create a unique data fabric purpose-built for data analytics.


Work smarter, faster—and happier


Reduction in data preparation time


Increase in adoption of
self-service analytics


Increase in collaboration
across teams


Faster processing power to support real-time data


Faster time to insights


Discover, understand, connect, and secure

Tableau’s solutions provide a data management layer right inside our platform, helping you break down data silos and streamline support for the entire data and analytics lifecycle.

  • Augmented analytics
  • Orchestration
  • Data catalog
  • Metadata management
  • Data quality and lineage
  • Data preparation
  • Data, security, and resource governance
  • Data Integration
  • Virtualization and discovery

Tableau Cloud

Analytics for everyone, everywhere

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Tableau Data Management

Create trust and visibility for everyone

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Tableau Server

Deeply integrate and confidently scale

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Enable action at the point of insight

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