Slack is where work happens, offering one platform for your team to share, collaborate, and move business forward. Tableau integrates with Slack, helping everyone across your organization make smarter, faster decisions. Whether it's notifications for data-driven alerts, intuitive search commands so you can find analytics content, or seamless sharing across your entire organization, Tableau and Slack put data at the center of every conversation.

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When work flows, insights grow.

Put data at the center of every conversation and get insights right in the flow of work with Slack-First Analytics.

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Tableau for Slack 

Get notifications for Tableau right within your Slack workflow. Whether it's data-driven alerts when your data meets a specified threshold or a notice when someone mentions you in a comment or an asset is shared with you—you can stay updated from anywhere. You get insights right at your fingertips, and if you have more questions, you can easily go into Tableau to find answers.


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CRM Analytics for Slack 

CRM Analytics offers a native analytics solution for Salesforce users. Quickly find, share, and collaborate on analytics from CRM Analytics directly from Slack. You get easy access to recent and favorite assets, as well as the ability to search for analytics and share with everyone on your team, including external stakeholders with Slack Connect. Not only that, but you can proactively stay updated on all of your insights with Slack notifications for data-driven alerts, regular digests of watchlist metrics, and more. If you need to dig deeper, you can quickly jump into CRM Analytics.


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