Staff picks for Tableau Conference 2022 sessions

Make the most of Tableau Conference with these staff recommendations for must-see sessions at TC22. (Then check out the complete session catalog—it’s off the charts!)

There’s a lot to take in at Tableau Conference. Your calendar will fill up quickly, so we recommend planning ahead to make the most of your conference experience, whether you’re attending in person in Vegas or virtually from anywhere. 

Now that the TC22 session catalog is live—check out the complete session lineup!—we recruited a little help to guide you through the many learning options. Here are our staff recommendations for must-see sessions at Tableau Conference 2022, broken out by themes (more on this below) and format (in person or virtual). 

Meet the themes

The TC22 session catalog is organized into six overarching themes, or tracks—each spanning all session formats, levels, industries, and audience/role types. Here’s what to expect from each theme: 

  • Analytics for everyone: Explore new and existing innovations and smart analytical experiences, like predictive analytics, Tableau Business Science, and Tableau for the Enterprise, that make it easier for everyone in an organization to use data and analytics. 
  • Customer 360 analytics: Discover how Tableau works with the entire Salesforce family, including integrations with Mulesoft and Slack, to help people better understand and use their data. 
  • All things data: Dig into Data Fabric, a design framework that helps people go beyond our core analytics to get more from their data and Data Management. You’ll also find sessions on Tableau Prep, Virtual Connections, Salesforce Data Connectivity, and more.
  • Data Culture: Learn how to create a successful culture of data-driven decision-making in any organization, including sessions on Tableau Public and Tableau Blueprint
  • Tableau Economy: Welcome to the Tableau Economy: where customers get faster time to value and revenue growth; partners serve our global customer base and grow their businesses; and data people can grow their careers with Tableau skills. Look for sessions on the Tableau Exchange, the Tableau Developer Platform, and Embedded Analytics

Person wearing hat, looking excited: Check out the complete session lineup for TC22!

Browse the entire TC22 session catalog.

Staff picks for TC22 virtual sessions

Theme: Analytics for everyone
Session: From Data to Dashboard: Key Features for Analytical Success
Darin Bergeson 

Class is in session for Tableau 101: Get the introduction you need to Tableau’s most powerful analytical capabilities, from the Tableau Data Model to the new Workbook Optimizer capabilities.

Theme: Customer 360 analytics
Session: Harmonize, Visualize, and Automate Your Data across Tableau and Salesforce
Juhan Song, John Demby, Mark Rabins

If you’re looking to explore Salesforce CDP data in Tableau and infuse intelligence and automation across your business, this is the session for you. Learn how to bring Salesforce and Tableau together with native connectors and accelerators to bring speed to insights.

Theme: All things data 
Session: Achieve Enterprise Scale with Tableau Prep
Karen Madera, Shiva Kavindapi 

Fact: Modern analytics need orchestrated data-flow administration to make new data continuously available for analysis. Also fact: This session will help you use Tableau Prep Builder and Prep Conductor to ensure your decisions are based on fresh, reliable data. A must-attend for IT/data pros and data leaders alike.

Theme: Data Culture 
Session: Come Together Right Now—Over Data
Ashley Howard Neville, Tableau and Brian Smith, Cardinal Health

Like the Beatles? Love data? Then you’ll love this exploration of the recent Tableau data literacy report and how to facilitate lasting data literacy through the lens of—what else?—the iconic English rock band.

Theme: Tableau Economy
Session: Make Every App an Analytics App with Tableau Embedded Analytics
Gordon Rose, Brian Reynolds 

Should every app be an analytics app? Yes. Should you attend this session to learn how to add analytics into every experience with Tableau? Also yes.

Staff recommendations for in-person TC22 sessions

Theme: Analytics for everyone
Session: Beautiful Business Dashboards: The How and the Why
Samuel Parsons (Biztory; Tableau Visionary), Simon Beaumont (JLL, Global BI Director)

It’s not often you get a chance to learn from the best of the best. Take advantage of this opportunity to explore Tableau design choices and interactive features that will take your business dashboards from good to great.

Theme: Customer 360 analytics
Session: Grow Sales with Revenue Intelligence
Susan Emerson, Nithya Lakshmanan, Thanmayi Rachapudi 

Repeat after me: I can grow my business faster with data-driven selling! If you’re looking to use data and AI to help shore up pipeline gaps, boost forecast accuracy, and redefine sales strategies, this session is for you.

Theme: All things data 
Session: Purpose-built Data Fabric: What, Why, and How It Can Accelerate Self-service Analytics
Karen Madera, Jeremy Siewert 

If you know me, you know that I’m a champion of using data—within the flow of business—to make better, faster decisions. That’s why you should attend this session: Learn how to make data-driven decision making a reality at scale with Tableau’s data fabric design.

Theme: Data Culture 
Session: Mind the Gap Series
Ashley Howard Neville

Where else can you learn from 12 of Tableau’s most knowledgeable Data Culture experts? These six interactive sessions will put a fun twist on a range of Data Culture topics, ranging from strategy and data literacy to governance and enablement. Join one or join all—you won’t want to miss this series!.

Theme: Tableau Economy
Session: Tableau Accelerators: Jumpstart Analytics with the Best Business Dashboards
David Lou, Nicolas Oury, John Demby

Caution: Pro tips ahead! Learn how to see the art of the possible and make it your own by combining your data with ready-made dashboards to start getting insights, faster.

Explore the full session lineup for Tableau Conference—then tell us what session(s) you’re looking forward to the most! However you choose to attend, we can’t wait to see you at #Data22. 

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