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Fast to create. Fast to market. Your product powered by Tableau.

The analytics your customers want

Deliver flexible visual analytics to your customers quickly and easily. Embed our industry-leading dashboards and make your solution shine. Empower your customers to gain value from their data.

The best use of your resources

Let your engineers focus on what they do best—building a great product. And let us worry about what we do best—delivering an analytics tool that’s fast, powerful, and easy to use.

A fast go-to-market solution

Integrate, deploy, and get to market quickly with Tableau’s comprehensive embedded solution. From customer support to product training and roadmap collaboration, Tableau is focused on delighting your customers.

We are in this together

From concept to deployment–think of us as your extended team. We are here to help you delight your customers. Engage with our active dev community, learn from hundreds of hours of free training, and be part of our product roadmap collaboration.

Tableau has all the embedded capabilities you're looking for

Tableau and Embedded Analytics

On your website or blog

Quickly copy embed code from Tableau, paste it into your site, and share your data discoveries in a matter of minutes.

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In your workflow

Be more efficient by embedding Tableau into your work stream on Salesforce, Sharepoint, or your internal wiki.

In your product

Make it easy for your customers to be successful with their data by giving them insights right inside your application

Our customers will gain new insights and interpret their data in ways not seen before.

More ways
to learn.

Embedding Analytics Webinar Series

See how other companies are giving their customers their data.

A guide to embedding with Tableau

Get your hands on the best way to embed Tableau into your scenario.

Tableau Developers talk embedded

Watch a demo by Tableau's embedded analytics product manager.

Customer stories

Leankit evaluates build vs buy for their Embedded Analytics
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Pro sports teams gain customer insights with KORE Software & Tableau
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Stanley Healthcare visualizes the patient experience
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The reaction from our clients has been overwhelmingly positive. Clients that knew about Tableau, of course, they love it. Clients see how quickly we can drill into data combined with the prettiness. And, you know, smiles immediately pop on their face.

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