Alteryx + Tableau = ‘magical’ self-service analytics

Our joint customers speak for themselves: Tableau and Alteryx are a great combination that provides agility to organizations.

At Tableau, we are lucky enough to work with our customers to as they develop BI strategies. They want to empower the business to explore data in a governed and secure environment without overburdening IT.

Why use Alteryx with Tableau

Alteryx enables the business to prepare data for Tableau. This helps the business move quicker, but it helps IT as well. By seeing the data the business is using, IT will have a better understanding of the questions they are trying to answer and learn how to best help.

Sally Beauty leverages Tableau and Alteryx for anlysis and reporting

In a recent webinar with Sally Beauty Supply, Marketing Database Manager Nikki Smith said Alteryx and Tableau help her company engage with customers and respond quicker to changes.

It is Nikki’s marketing team that prepares the data and builds the visualizations. The team looks at a lot of data: buying behaviors, customer loyalty, effect of discounting, and much more. The team can also easily share important KPIs and information with executives using Tableau Server.

Nikki says sharing reports with busy executives is a huge benefit.

“They are able to come in and drill down to the results they are looking for on their own schedule,” says Nikki. This approach gives executives time back as they don’t have to attend meetings to get the information, she says.

Consumer Orbit access Big Data sets quickly

Consumer Orbit is another great example that showcases the power of Tableau and Alteryx. The company has marketing data on over 120 million households and provides consumer data on those households: where they shop, what they buy, which products and brands they prefer. The company also has POS data from clients, which is to say it has a huge amount of data!

Consumer Orbit Chairman Bill Engle says speed matters when it comes to understanding all that data, because “today’s CMO does not have six months to wait to make a decision.”

To be faster and more agile, the company uses Alteryx to integrate data from many different data sources into one large database. The company then uses Tableau to explore the data and build reports. The combination allows Consumer Orbit to respond to customers in days.

“It’s magical,” says Bill. “This is the wave of the future—instantaneous information on who the customer is, linked to what they are buying.”

Our joint customers speak for themselves: Tableau and Alteryx are a great combination that provides agility to organizations.

We are looking forward to Alteryx Inspire, which will take place from June 6 to June 9. If you plan to attend, please stop by our booth and say hello. We are also excited to have Jason Mack, VP of Marketing Analytics of JP Morgan Chase, speaking at the event. If you're headed to the conference, do try to catch his presentation, "Transforming Marketing into a Data-Driven, Analytic Culture with Alteryx and Tableau."