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Powerful data visualizations require rich, perfected data sets. Alteryx empowers analysts with a re-useable workflow for self-service data prep, so that they can spend less time preparing data and more time visualizing and analyzing data in Tableau. With an easy way to prepare, blend, and analyze all data sources - as well apply advanced predictive and spatial analytics without requiring coding - Alteryx helps you maximize your visual analytics. Blended datasets are quickly converted to Tableau data extracts, which means perfected data is easily fed to Tableau Online, Server, or Desktop.

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Hear from Dan Jewett, Tableau's Vice President of Product Management, as he describes the value of data preparation and management within Alteryx. You'll learn why leading organizations come to Alteryx first when they need comprehensive data preparation and management capabilities, as well as the numerous ways that Tableau and Alteryx work together.

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Download the Alteryx Starter Kit for Tableau to get your free 14-day trial and hands-on experience with pre-built analytic workflows and their corresponding Tableau Workbooks with beautiful pre-configured visualizations. The workflows perform Survey Analysis, Advanced Data Blending, Data Transposing, Polygon Creation for Tableau, Parsing XML, Standardizing Unstructured Data, Multi-channel Analysis, Predictive A/B Testing, Retail Location Selection, Market Basket Analysis, and more!

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