It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for: You can finally get your hands on a version of Tableau Server on Linux. Our beta version is ready for you to test, provide feedback, and experience the power and flexibility of Tableau Server on “the penguin.”

Download Tableau Server for Linux beta

You can look forward to some exciting capabilities in this version of Tableau Server from an admin perspective, including a new option to choose how to authenticate users with LDAP.

Join the Linux community

The Tableau community has been clamoring for Linux support—with 4 related ideas and over 300 votes—and it’s almost here. But first, we need your help.

Before we make our worldwide debut, we want your feedback to make sure Tableau Server on Linux will be at its prime:

  • Help us test basic functionality of Tableau Server.
  • Install on a single or multi-node cluster with the authentication that makes sense for your organization.
  • Restore a backup from a previous version.
  • Take a backup from your Linux installation, then restore it.

These are just a few of the scenarios that can prepare us for a great release, ensuring a smooth deployment experience.

Hang out with the penguin. Download the beta!

Thank you in advance for helping us innovate and meet your needs! We truly couldn’t do it without you.

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OMG, finally!!! :)

Another Windows license gone, much love for this!

It will help me a lot if someone can VirtualBox dics with instalation.
I can't go forward after step 3: Configure local identity store
"You must configure the identity store settings. This procedure simplifies installation setting identity store to local authentication. Workbook examples are installed by default. For more details on customizing these defaults, see Configure Initial Node Settings.

Pass the configuration file with the following command:

tsm settings import -f /path/to/configuration_file.json

The link does not work

"Opportunity Unavailable
The key provided is not valid."

Please make a port for tableau desktop on Linux.

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