Tableau Mobile

Access insights from anywhere

Your data, wherever and whenever you need it

With Tableau Mobile, you can seamlessly navigate content published to your Tableau Server or Tableau Cloud site and readily explore data with the tap of a finger. Whether connected or offline, on a tablet or phone, your data is secure, and your analytics are front and center.
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Tableau Mobile capabilities

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Scale securely and flexibly

Confidently deploy Tableau Mobile in your organization while keeping devices and data secure at all times using mobile device management systems or mobile application management systems. Tableau Mobile offers unmatched flexibility, supporting a variety of authentication methods, including SAML, OpenID Connect, Mutual SSL, using a VPN or reverse proxy. 

Global Temperature dashboard integrations

Drive better business outcomes

Don't wait until you're at your desk to make decisions. Tableau Mobile gives you the answers you need right at your fingertips. Tableau automatically creates dashboard layouts optimized for mobile devices so you can view, filter, and drill down with a touch of a button. With insights readily available, you can make data-driven decisions that improve business results faster.

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Stay in sync with your data

Bring your data with you wherever you go. Keep up with the speed of business with a curated and consistent view of your most important KPIs. And with interactive offline previews, your favorited content is always available whether or not you're connected to your network. Get started instantly with locally saved versions and automatically transition to the latest version once you’re connected.

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Easily access Tableau content

Spend more time acting on insights and less time looking for them. Tableau Mobile's powerful capabilities for search, collaboration, and organization make it easy to find relevant and popular content. To help you jump right in, Tableau Mobile provides seamless authentication and deep linking, so you can readily access your analytics.

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