Tableau + Cloudera Impala: Bring Your Hadoop Data To Life!

Today, our friends at Cloudera have formally launched their SQL-on-hadoop offering called "Impala". Did you know that Tableau was one of the first ISVs to support Impala?

Impala bypasses the Map-Reduce layer in Hadoop resulting in much faster query response times than Hive. I predict that most customers wanting to do ad-hoc visual analytics on Hadoop will turn to a technology like Impala to provide a more interactive and dynamic user experience when working with their data.

The following video provides you with a short overview of Tableau's native Impala connector. See how easy it is to connect to and bring your hadoop data to life with Tableau.

Wondering what Tableau and Cloudera Impala could do for you? Take a look at how Gamefly saved 100s of hours and led to a 5x increase in trial offers by leveraging these technologies.

We'd love to hear what you're doing with Tableau and Impala, along with any feedback you have about the connector.

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