IT Analytics

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IT is the backbone of every business, keeping other departments up and running. Today, IT organizations have more data than ever before. Whether its service ticket management, asset tracking, budgeting, staffing, or software monitoring – that data has the power to speed up and simplify your job.

With Tableau, you can help your team keep a constant pulse on your tools and systems. Centrally monitor all of your infrastructure with a single dashboard and make proactive decisions to minimize risk and maximize your budget. Know where your resources are allocated and the impact they’re making. Improve the life cycle of every support case. Leverage the data you have - from ServiceNow, Splunk, Google Analytics, or wherever else it may live - to increase efficiency and optimize effectiveness. See how Tableau enhances your business through IT analytics.

Discover Tableau: your new IT partner

Track tickets

Connect directly to your software and hardware systems—like ServiceNow—to get a better understanding of who owns what, what the status of a project is, or where an opportunity for improvement exists. Interact with the dashboard to the right to see the status of a case on any given day.

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Jumpstart your analysis with actionable data. In just a few clicks, you can connect to ServiceNow and create beautiful, data-rich dashboards seamlessly—all with your own data.

Monitor utilization

It's important to know what systems are up—and if they’re nearing capacity—at any given moment. When you use Tableau for your IT analytics, you'll get ahead of system outages and ensure that your customers are never interrupted. Use data driven alerts on Tableau Server to be notified when your data is at a given threshold.

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Allocate resources

Understand how your resources are being used, and make adjustments where necessary. Whether it's time, people, or materials, use Tableau to monitor and improve how your organization allocates its assets and avoids collisions. With a go-to dashboard for monitoring your IT activities, your organization will scale more efficiently.

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Deploy across enterprise

The decisions you make around governed self-service analytics reach beyond your department. You establish the technological framework that makes your entire organization’s data analytics accessible, agile, and trustworthy -- without compromising security and governance.

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Things like helpdesk usage statistics, user analytics from our web portal, an analysis of classroom usage, and a look at a computer lab’s student use metrics to help decide a facilities question. You name it; we've written a Tableau report that pulls it in.