Finance Analytics

Tableau helps Finance departments make their organization's most important decisions: how they spend their time and resources. Businesses use Tableau to make finance analysis and reporting more efficient, get more insights and value out of their financial data, and increase their organization's focus on its strategy and objectives. That means lower costs, more revenue, and a better bottom line.

When it comes to finance analytics, Tableau delivers capabilities that are necessary from the small business to the large enterprise. With strong data governance, the ability to work with existing infrastructure to keep data secure, and a user friendly experience, Tableau makes it easy to get trusted data to the right people at the right time.

Finance analytics saves Honeywell 10,000+ man-hours

Since adopting Tableau, Preetham Shanbhag, Senior Director, FP&A Operations and Transformation, estimates that Honeywell has saved 10,000-20,000 man-hours in reporting and analysis. When it comes to business value, Shanbhag said, "You cannot really put a price on it." In this video, hear how Tableau's ability to deliver fast, easy to communicate, and easier to share finance analytics helped change a core process at a Fortune 100 company.

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Earlier we spent 70% of the time on data extraction and all the drudge-work, 30% on analytics. Now that's just the opposite, which means it's a direct P&L impact in terms of the business decisions that you can drive.

How Tableau's finance department uses Tableau

Learn how Tableau's finance department keeps stakeholders informed with executive dashboards and unlocks insights with rapid-fire data visualization and analysis.

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Analyze your key data sources

Cut your T&E costs with Tableau

Gain insight into your travel and expense data stored in Egencia or Concur. Dive into your data with our workbooks, learn how to locate and connect your data, and watch your insights soar.

Dig into your procurement data

Learn how to use Tableau to provide accurate and timely reporting on purchasing, company expenses, and spend management.

Finance Analytics Whitepapers

Excel and Tableau: A beautiful partnership

There's no getting around it: Excel will always be an essential tool for financial analysis. But that doesn't mean it's perfect. Find out how Tableau is different from your spreadsheets.

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