Finance analytics

Finance teams use Tableau to make a bigger impact with their time and resources. They bring data together, efficiently provide analysis and reporting, and securely share the information that fuels business strategy. With Tableau, finance departments break free from manual processes trapped in spreadsheets to deliver the powerful analytics all organisations, from local businesses to global enterprises, need on a flexible governed platform that IT trusts.

From data prep to finance reporting: 3 examples to speed up analysis

Find out how the Tableau finance analytics team automates manual processes to prepare and transform financial data to improve operational efficiencies and gain more time for strategic analysis.

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Fast, flexible finance analytics

Finance moves fast. It’s time to move beyond the spreadsheet to a flexible business intelligence solution as sophisticated as your data. Discover what happens to your bottom line when you can see and understand your financial data.


7 ways finance teams are driving ROI

Learn how modern finance departments are using Tableau to make their businesses more efficient, secure and strategic.

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Business success depends on IT and finance

Damon Fletcher, Tableau's CFO, explains why business success often hinges on finance and IT working in harmony, and how to make that happen.


4 Steps for Finance Departments to Drive Business Intelligence

Learn how modern finance departments are saving time and delivering insights to the business with visual analytics.

Explore Tableau across finance analytics

Audit, risk and compliance analytics

Looking for ways to use Tableau to manage compliance or risk, or to conduct an audit?

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Revenue and pricing analytics

Want to take charge of your accounts receivable, or adjust your pricing or forecasting models?

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Treasury and cash flow management

Juggling accounts payable, investment tracking or multiple account balances?

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Analytics for finance operations

Challenges with managing vendors, sourcing, procurement or wrangling your T&E?

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Finance analytics webinars


Tableau on Tableau: Finance Analytics

Director of Finance Analytics, Mike Crook shares how his team uses Tableau to tackle common pain points experienced by the office of finance.


Fundamental finance analytics

Finance is always changing. We want to put your time (and data) to good use so you can begin to look past numbers on a spreadsheet and start to see and understand your financial data.


The Price is Right: The Art of Visualizing Finance Data

This webinar explores the importance of visualizing finance data and showcases how Tableau's office of finance crunches the numbers using the product.

How our customers use Tableau for finance

Honeywell saves 10,000+ worker hours

Since adopting Tableau, Preetham Shanbhag, Senior Director, FP&A Operations and Transformation, estimates that Honeywell has saved 10,000-20,000 worker hours in reporting and analysis. When it comes to business value, Shanbhag said, "You cannot really put a price on it."

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