Accelerate Finance Reporting: 3 Examples Show You How

No question: Financial data is messy. Preparing and transforming it for analysis via manual, time-consuming processes—especially with the extensive cleaning and shaping required—is no longer viable. So how do you build trust and confidence in your data? How do you make it credible once it’s exported out of your source systems?

And, in line with the mandate to do more with less, how can you do so in a cost-effective manner that drives efficiency and productivity?

Landing all your data into a secure and managed database may be several months or years from reality. But there are processes you can build today to improve your confidence in the data while also saving time. These workflows and dashboards will help your team reduce risk by automating manual processes to find errors faster—before you’ve closed the books and before your audit team finds them.

In this whitepaper, we’ll share methods that spark ideas for your team to improve operational efficiencies. Read how the Tableau Finance Analytics team did this by structuring tie-outs to source systems and using dashboards that validate data incrementally. You’ll find three examples of time-saving flows to improve data preparation.

With prepared financial data that builds credibility among stakeholders, your team can focus on higher-value work like analysis and forecasting instead of manual tasks. Do nothing and your stakeholders may make business decisions based on bad data. But with faster, more accurate data preparation processes, they’ll be set up for success now.

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