Webinar Series

Fundamental finance analytics

Love your data even more with Tableau

Finance is always changing. We want to put your time (and data) to good use so you can begin to look past numbers on a spreadsheet and start to see and understand your financial data.

In this webinar series, we look at many of the fundamental challenges across multiple departments and help identify the importance analytics can have on your bottom line and how Tableau can make an impact across your organization.

To learn more about finance analytics, visit our Finance Analytics solutions page.

On-Demand Webinars

Title Length
Tableau on Tableau: Finance Analytics
See how we do data. In this webinar, we'll show you how the Tableau finance department uses Tableau to keep up with what is happening across our entire company on a daily basis.
66 min
Cost-cutting data strategies
Don't compromise on data. In this webinar, our team will show you strategies your business can use to reduce your business’s costs. And you’ll come away with an understanding of how analytics can be used to achieve your goals.
52 min
Audit and risk analytics
Stop chasing numbers on a spreadsheet. Learn how analytics can help you perform your faster and more impactful internal audits--using all of your data, not just a sample.
48 min
Advance your financial planning and analysis process
Find sharper insights. Tableau & Honeywell show you how finance departments use analytics to get a better understanding of their performance so leaders can take decisive action.
59 min
Modern approach to cash flow analysis
Find answers faster. In this webinar, we show you how we use data to identify risk and opportunity, as it relates to changes in interest rates, credit, and currency.
44 min
The Price is Right: The Art of Visualizing Finance Data
In over your head with rows and rows of financial spreadsheets? As useful as spreadsheets can be, there are ways to visualize data to save time and improve analysis.
58 min