Finance Analytics Solutions

Audit, Risk, and Compliance Analytics

Take a proactive approach to exposing risk and ensuring compliance by using powerful, intuitive analytics to explore all of your business’s financial data. Tableau helps finance professionals flag suspicious activity, identify fraud, and alert their stakeholders before it’s too late.

Analytics in action: watch then interact

Getting started with Tableau

Perform faster and more impactful internal audits with Tableau

Our own Internal Audit Team and Visual Risk IQ's Joe Oringel show powerful examples of how analytics reduces risk exposure.

How auditors examine transactions in Tableau

Visual Risk IQ LLC walks through techniques to leverage data and help get jobs done faster and more precisely.

5 Steps to Prevent & Detect Fraud Using Data Analytics

Find out how Tableau helps finance departments uncover fraud by exposing trends and spotting outliers.

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Explore more audit and risk dashboards

Explore EY's approach to audit, risk, and compliance

EY saves clients millions and prevents fraud with Tableau

Learn how EY uses Tableau to manage risk and fraud to save their clients millions.

What lies beneath: How EY fights cybercrime and insider threat

Find out how EY has taken a new approach to managing insider threat.

Finance Analytics solutions

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