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Amazon Web Services has been the dominant leader in the public cloud space since the beginning. Tableau integrates with AWS services to empower enterprises to maximize the return on your organization’s data and to leverage their existing technology investments. It all starts with direct connections to Amazon data sources including Amazon Redshift (including Redshift Spectrum), Amazon Aurora, Amazon Athena and Amazon EMR as well as many outside data sources such as SQL Server, Cloudera Hadoop, and numerous Cloud apps like Google Analytics and Salesforce.

Connect in a moment and your organization can immediately start leveraging Tableau's analytics platform. Tableau provides the depth and breadth of capabilities to ensure that data can be confidently deployed across the entire enterprise. With Amazon Redshift, organizations have the potential to create a massively scalable, cloud-based data warehouse in just a few clicks. Deploy Tableau Server on AWS in minutes to share your dashboards and data directly with the people in your organization that need to see them. Read below to learn more about how Tableau and AWS create the complete cloud analytics platform.

Flexibility in the Cloud. Meet Tableau on AWS

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With Tableau on AWS you'll experience agile, flexible and scalable self-service analytics to meet the needs of your everyday business. Tableau's rigorous analytics capabilities enable in-depth data exploration for the business user with the security and governance required by IT. We're bringing our most seasoned cloud analytics experts to help you design an analytics platform that is flexible to the needs of your work environment.

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Together, AWS and Tableau create a powerful cloud analytics platform. You can perform every step of the analytics journey: data collection, transformation, storage and analysis, at enterprise scale with AWS and Tableau products. Get started today to see for yourself.

Learn more about Tableau Server on AWS

It was really easy to be able to connect Tableau with AWS. There are already built-in connectors for the different databases that we have. For example, we have data in SQL server, MySQL, Postgres, Redshift. So we're able to connect to all that out of the box with Tableau.

Tableau on AWS QuickStarts

Tableau Server on AWS

Deploy a fully functional Tableau Server environment on the AWS Cloud, following best practices from AWS and Tableau Software.

Modern Data Warehouse on AWS

Deploy a modern enterprise data warehouse (EDW) environment that is based on Amazon Redshift and includes the analytics and data visualization capabilities of Tableau Server.

Tableau: Tableau Online on AWS

In this episode of This Is My Architecture, Russell Christopher, Product Manager at Tableau Software, explains how they built Tableau Online, their fully hosted analytics platform in the cloud. You'll learn about how leveraged EC2 Windows and multiple data stores including PostgreSQL, ElastiCache Redis, and Amazon S3 to build a scalable, multi-tenant solution on AWS.

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