Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services has been the leader in the public cloud space since the beginning. Tableau integrates with AWS services to empower enterprises to maximise the return on your organisation’s data and to leverage their existing technology investments. It all starts with direct connections to Amazon data sources including Amazon Redshift (including Redshift Spectrum), Amazon Aurora, Amazon Athena and Amazon EMR. Thanks to these market-leading integrations, Tableau is the natural choice of platform for analysing the data stored in Amazon’s data sources. Beyond this, Tableau provides the depth and breadth of capabilities to ensure that data can be deployed confidently across the entire enterprise. Tableau Server runs seamlessly in Amazon’s cloud infrastructure so organisations that prefer to deploy applications on Amazon Web Services have a complete solution offering from Tableau.

Amazon SageMaker for Tableau

Tableau and AWS are joining forces to put the power of machine learning-based (ML) predictive analytics into the hands of business analysts with little to no data science experience. With an easy-to-deploy Quick Start-based integration, customers can bring enriching ML insights into their calculated fields, expanding the way organisations use and derive value from their data.

For organisations that are already investing in ML, Amazon SageMaker for Tableau provides a unique opportunity to communicate and share ML with anyone via self-service analytics. With a few clicks, you can now use ML models built on SageMaker directly within your favourite Tableau dashboards to fully leverage the predictive power of ML.

Get started by launching the Amazon SageMaker for Tableau Quick Start.

Learn more by reading the InterWorks "how-to" blog post and the AWS Partner Network (APN) blog post.

Lastly, don't miss our presentation and demo at AWS Innovate.

NHS Digital supports UK COVID-19 pandemic response with Tableau and AWS

As the COVID-19 pandemic started to hit the UK, the NHS Digital team was commissioned to create a mass public dashboard to help decision-makers create policy. Thanks to Tableau and AWS, NHS Digital delivered the first of the crucial new dashboards in just a few days. The capabilities NHS Digital developed during the pandemic now provide the means for real population health management as never done before.

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Tableau on AWS, APJ Showcase

This webpage features content curated specifically for the APJ market.

Experience the power of Tableau on AWS through region-specific content. 

Optimising Tableau & Redshift for better performance

This white paper introduces infrastructure advice, performance tests and measurements, as well as tips and hints to make the joint solution more efficient and perform better.

Learn how to modernise your analytics platform

Processing the volume and variety of data that today’s organisations produce can be both challenging and costly – especially with a legacy data platform. See how Pearson used Tableau & AWS to empower their users and implement analytics on a modern data warehouse

Advanced Management for Tableau Server + AWS

Advanced Management for Tableau Server makes it easier to run large, mission-critical Tableau Server deployments. For large deployments hosted on AWS, customers can choose to host their Tableau Server metadata repository externally with Amazon RDS Postgres, which provides increased scalability and high availability for organisations with large amounts of Tableau metadata.

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TDWI Pulse Report: Building a data-literate organisation

Sponsored by Tableau, Collibra and AWS, this TDWI Pulse Report provides a look at how organisations move forward with data and analytics to drive the need for data literacy.

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Modern cloud analytics

Modern Cloud Analytics (MCA) combines the resources, technical expertise and data knowledge of Tableau, AWS and our respective partner networks to help you maximise the value of your data and analytics investments and your end-to-end analytics journey.

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It was really easy to connect Tableau with AWS. There are already built-in connectors for the different databases that we have. For example, we have data in our SQL server, MySQL, Postgres, Redshift. So we're able to connect to all that out of the box with Tableau.

Tableau on AWS quick starts

Tableau Server on AWS

Deploy a fully functional Tableau Server environment on the AWS cloud, following best practices from AWS and Tableau Software.

Amazon SageMaker for Tableau

Connect Tableau with Amazon SageMaker machine-learning models to power predictive analytics.

Tableau Server on AWS healthcare quick start

With common security controls like end-to-end encryption already preconfigured, healthcare customers can now easily deploy a modern analytics solution that supports their HIPAA compliance programs out of the box.

Tableau Cloud on AWS

In this episode of This Is My Architecture, Russell Christopher, Product Manager at Tableau Software, explains how we built Tableau Cloud, our fully hosted analytics platform in the cloud. You'll learn about how we leveraged EC2 Windows and multiple data stores including PostgreSQL, ElastiCache Redis and Amazon S3 to build a scalable, multi-tenant solution on AWS.

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