You studied for grades, now viz for glory. Student Iron Viz 2021 is now open!

Submissions for Iron Viz: Student Edition are now open from November 10 - December 31, 2021! Find out the theme and how to enter.

Last year, The Academic Programs team kicked off our first-ever Iron Viz: Student Edition contest. Iron Viz: Student Edition is a student-only virtual challenge for students looking to up-level their viz skills, connect with the Tableau Community, and prepare for the great Iron Viz! We were blown away by the creativity and artistry students brought to their visualizations. 

Following the amazing viz winners from Iron Viz at Tableau Conference ‘21, we are excited to announce that 2021 Iron Viz: Student Edition submissions are now open (for students only) from November 10-December 31st. End your year on a high note with this year's challenge to visualize music data. 

Participants will create visualizations around their own music data or a related data set. We welcome you to be as creative as possible. Submissions will be scored according to the following criteria:

  • Design: How appropriate is the design for the story that is being told?
  • Storytelling: Is there a clear story being told or a question being explored, and is there appropriate context?
  • Analysis: How sophisticated and applicable is the data that is being used for the story?

Get the data set

Follow these steps to learn how to get the latest data from Spotify’s charts and bring it into Tableau for analysis. You can also check out this blog and on-demand webinar on how to get started. 

  1. Navigate to to download data from Spotify’s Top Charts.
  2. Select Top 200 or Viral 50 depending on the purpose of your analysis—to see top or trending tracks. 
  3. Use the dropdowns to filter by your specific country or select Global to see all country data. 
  4. Click “Download to CSV” in the top right-hand corner. 

Don’t have Spotify? Don’t worry. You can still participate in Student Iron Viz. Learn how to download your music data from Apple Music here, or explore general music data here

Get inspired 

Need some creative inspiration before you get vizzing? We’ve got you covered. We have a dedicated Data + Music gallery in Tableau Public.

Check out the 2020 Student Iron Viz winners and review last year’s challenge focused on environmental data.