How to Get Started with the Tableau Community

Learn how to uplevel your data journey and connect with Tableau users passionate about data visualization, analytics, and data storytelling.

While there is no single way to accelerate your data skills, all roads lead through the Tableau Community. Within the Community, you’ll find a collection of resources and activities designed to further your data journey and connect you with like-minded people. 

The Tableau Community is one of the most genuine places where people are always willing to help you through support, feedback, and mentorship! I’ve helped others, been inspired, and met so many amazing individuals!

The Tableau Community (often referred to as the DataFam) consists of Tableau users who are passionate about data visualization, analytics, and storytelling. You celebrate:

  • Learning from peers: You accelerate analytics and Tableau learning for newbies and experienced users alike. From content to meetups, events and everything in between, people can learn from their peers in the way they want to interact.
  • Getting questions answered: You bring together data people from all over the world to answer any questions people have. Whether you’re working through a challenge or looking for new ways of doing things, the community is always there.
  • Inspiring people with the art of the possible: You take inspiration from the brightest data community to bring your data skills to the next level. 

Here are five ways you can get started in the Tableau Community today.

1. Find your data people

For the users and analysts: Connect with other data rockstars in person or online by joining a Tableau User Group. Not only can you find inspiration from your peers and advance your skills, you’ll also have a passionate community in your corner along the way. Find a user group in your industry or local area here.

For the data leaders: Join a community dedicated to bringing like-minded data leaders together to connect, learn, and help each other progress on the journey to building data-driven organizations. The Data Leadership Collaborative applies the power of community to the challenges many organizations face as they establish their data cultures.

For the developers: The Tableau Developer Program provides the training, skill building and networking for all levels of DataDevs, from new developers to more seasoned programmers. When you join our developer program, you get your own personal development sandbox, which enables you to test APIs and other developer tools in a safe environment. Be part of the DataDev community and actively shape future Tableau solutions.

For the students and teachers: Tableau Academic Programs support learning and teaching data skills in the classroom with free software, eLearning, curriculum and resources for teachers and students. You can download your free Tableau for Students license or free Tableau for Teaching license today.

For the knowledge seekers: Head to the Tableau Forums to get your Tableau questions answered, collaborate with others and a space to help you get the most out of Tableau. 

2. Participate in a community project based on your skills and interests


Vizzes from the #DuBoisChallenge

Twelve of the many Tableau Community projects.

Members of the Tableau Community create and lead projects that give you the opportunity to learn, practice, and apply your data skills across a variety of topics, products, and causes. Below, we’ve listed some of the skill-based projects designed by the community, for the community. View the full list of community projects you can participate in to build your data skills. Don’t forget to engage and share your work with the community on Twitter using #DataFam and the relevant community project hashtag.

  • For the beginner: Back 2 Viz Basics is a bi-weekly project helping those who are newer to data visualization and just starting out with Tableau. Follow the challenge and share your using #B2VB.
  • For the advanced vizzer looking for a challenge: Master your skills with a weekly Workout Wednesday challenge by re-creating an interactive data visualization. Follow the challenge and share your work using #WOW2021.
  • For the music lover: Data Plus Music is a monthly data visualization challenge dedicated to visualizing the data behind the music we all love. Follow the challenge and share your work using #DataPlusMusic.
  • For everyone looking to do some good with data: Viz for Social Good empowers you to design data visualizations that help nonprofits harness the power of data for social change. Follow the challenge on Twitter (@VizFSG) and share your work using #VizforSocialGood.
  • For the sports fanatic: Create and share data visualizations using rich, sports-themed datasets in a monthly challenge called, Sports Viz Sunday.  Follow the challenge and  your work on Twitter using #SportsVizSunday.
  • For the competitor: Iron Quest is inspired by the world's largest data visualization competition known as Iron Viz. Each month your data sourcing, preparation, and visualization skills are put to the test in a themed challenge. Follow the challenge on Twitter (@sarahlovesdata) and share your work using #IronQuest.
  • For the advocate: Diversity in Data is an initiative centered around diversity, equity and awareness. Follow the challenge on Twitter (@DiversityinData) and share your work using #DiversityinData.
  • For the collaborator: Makeover Monday provides 300 datasets for you to use to create better, more effective visualizations. Share your work on Twitter using #MakeoverMonday.

3. Get inspired on Tableau Public

Tableau Public is a free platform to explore, create and publicly share data visualizations online about everyday topics like sports, music, and health—making data social, relatable, and accessible. Plus, it makes for a great online portfolio of your work.

Vizzes from the #DuBoisChallenge

A collection of Viz of the Day's.

Ready for a challenge? Take the next step:

  • Create an account on Tableau Public.
  • Sign up for Viz of the Day to see the latest and greatest from data enthusiasts around the world.
  • Jump into Discover, where you’ll find the latest vizzes, featured authors, and personalized content to keep you inspired. (You can even download some of these vizzes to understand how the author created it so you can use the techniques for your next analysis. Just click on the in the lower right corner of the visualization and click Download Tableau Workbook in the menu.) 
  • Share your work on your personal Tableau Public profile page (which makes a great online portfolio). Pro tip: If you’re available for hire, don’t forget to turn on your ‘Hire Me’ badge.

4. Connect with a Community leader—ready to partner with you on your journey

The Tableau Community showcases bold thinking, problem-crunching, idea-inspiring people like you. Every year, members of the Tableau Community have the opportunity to recognize community leaders who embody the best of the community. You contribute in different ways, from sharing your knowledge with others, creating first-class vizzes, championing equality within the community, to nurturing powerful connections. Your impact has been undeniable and united around the common language of moving the Tableau Community forward. Connect and experience their passion, commitment, and expertise—wherever you are in the world.

  • Tableau Visionaries raise the bar of what’s possible. You are masters, teachers, and collaborators, who inspire the Tableau solutions of tomorrow.
  • Tableau Ambassadors embody the spirit of the community and create opportunities for connection, growth, and inspiration.
  • The Community Equity Task Force is an action-oriented group of diverse voices focused on the Tableau Community’s fight for equality, inclusion, and equity. 

Get social with the #DataFam

The Tableau Community is highly active and vibrant across social media, especially on Twitter (@Tableau and @TableauPublic). Consider following our community leaders (click on their photo to access their social handles) and challenge yourself to get involved in conversations, ask for feedback, and share your work all using #DataFam.

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Watch and learn how to up-level your data journey with the Tableau Community.